Day: January 14, 2017

Review: The Tears of San’Ferath – D. Thomas Jerlo

Title: The Tears of San'Ferath Author: D. Thomas Jerlo Genre: Fantasy Publisher: DusktilDawn Books Release Date: August 29, 2014 Pages: 348 Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Allanoria has lost it’s mage’ic. A strange illness nearly destroyed the entire human race. After hundreds of years, a new age of Allanoria is coming. Cethland Mer’Morellis, a Freelance Mercenary has been called to the home of one of the most powerful and richest men, the High Regent on the Council of Allanoria, Lord Rateif Laklan. The Regent wants Ceth to find his missing daughter and return...

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Review: Hellhound Bound – D. Thomas Jerlo

Title: Hellhound Bound Author: D. Thomas Jerlo Genre: Paranormal Dark/Fantasy Publisher: Purple Sword Publications LLC Release Date: July 14, 2015 Pages: 123 Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Hanna Carmichael works for the District Attorney as a para-legal. All of her life she has been haunted by violent nightmares involving a monster that eats people whole. As a child her mother used all types of drugs to keep Hanna asleep trying to keep the nightmares at bay. When she was old enough, she left home and stopped taking the drugs. Insomnia and nightmares are...

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