Day: January 29, 2017

Review: The Colubrii: Awakening – T. M. Sulsona

Title: The Colubrii: Awakening Series: Stories From the Mist Author: T. M. Sulsona Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: Createspace Release Date: November 26, 2012 Pages: 664 Malandra Trent is a woman trapped in a life that is not her own. The ward of the powerful Joseph Weston, every aspect of her life is monitored and controlled. She longs for a normal life, a normal relationship. She feels there is no way out until an accident at an animal shelter changes everything...and what she gets is far from normal…including what she is. A dark, sensual man enters her life and learns...

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Review: Reaper Madness – Nessie Strange

Title: Reaper Madness Series: Living Dead World Book 2 Author: Nessie Strange Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Publisher: Etopia Press Release Date: November 20, 2014 Pages: 223 Living Dead World Book Two This isn't the afterlife she expected... Jen MacLellan can't get the hang of being a reaper. She's been separated from Jack, the man she loves, and is stuck with an annoying telepathic link to her ill-tempered mentor, Sam. Now Death is breathing down her neck, promising to remove that annoying link if she gives him what he wants. But when reapers begin to disappear back on earth, leaving...

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Review: Confessions of a Punk Rocker – Nessie Strange

Title: Confessions of a Punk Rocker Series: Living Dead World Author: Nessie Strange Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Publisher: Etopia Press Release Date: September 22, 2015 Pages: 183 The dead should stay dead... Jack Norris has just lost his best friend—who also happened to be his band's drummer—to a drunk driving accident. As he struggles to deal with the band's uncertain future and his own personal demons, those issues become unimportant. His dead friend has come back. And he's not showing any signs of going away. Questioning his own sanity, Jack finds his life spiraling out of control. But when...

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Review: Living Dead Girl – Nessie Strange

Title: Living Dead Girl Series: Living Dead World Book 1 Author: Nessie Strange Genre: Urban Fantasy Publisher: Etopia Press Release Date: January 15, 2014 Pages: 234 Living Dead World Book One Jen MacLellan has hit a dead end... Jen knows tattooed, blue-haired Jack Norris is trouble the minute he opens his front door. And being a mortician in the avante garde East Side of Providence, Jen has seen a lot. Jack has recruited Jen's teenage brother Drew to play drums for his less-than-respectable punk band, and Jen has no choice but to follow their gigs to keep her little...

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Review: The Playmaker – Andrew Grey

Title: The Playmaker Author: Andrew Grey Genre: M/M Romance Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release Date: November 18, 2016 Pages: 188 Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Hunter Davis is a star football player and he isn’t lacking for endorsements. His team has accepted the fact that Hunter is gay, but he keeps a low profile and doesn’t risk bad publicity. Hunter’s only problem is his lack of organization and his habit of perpetually being late for everything. His agent, Garvin, has finally gotten tired of having to pick him up and ensure he arrives to...

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