Day: February 4, 2017

Review: Just Like Gravity – Sorchia DuBois

Title: Just Like Gravity Author: Sorchia DuBois Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: Lagan Press Release Date: November 7, 2014 Pages: 403 This paranormal romance set in Scotland combines reincarnation, mystery, ghosts, and a fair portion of single-malt whisky to tell a story of true love that lasts three lifetimes. Take one fortuneteller driven half-mad by nightmares. Add one large, arrogant Scotsman on the run from Glasgow gangsters, a crazy ex-wife, and a brother-in-law who wants him dead. Stir in murder, lost treasure, tarot cards, ghosts, past lives, and karma. Sprinkle repeatedly with generous portions of Laphroaig Scotch whisky and let...

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Review: Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones – Sorchia DuBois

Title: Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones Series: Zoraida Grey Series Author: Sorchia DuBois Genre: Fantasy/Gothic Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc Release Date: October 28, 2016 Pages: 352 Granny’s dying, but Zoraida can save her with a magic crystal of smoky quartz. Too bad the crystal is in Scotland—in a haunted castle—guarded by mind-reading, psychopathic sorcerers. Getting inside Castle Logan is easy. Getting out––not so much. Before she can snatch the stone, Zoraida stumbles into a family feud, uncovers a wicked ancient curse, and finds herself ensorcelled by not one but two handsome Scottish witches. Up to their...

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