Day: February 11, 2017

Review: Capture in Lies – Kelly Abell

Title: Captured in Lies Series: In Lies Author: Kelly Abell Genre: Action thriller Publisher: Solstice Publishing Reviewed by: Stormy Janes Captured In Lies is book two of the “In Lies” series. We pick up with Jack and Caroline Weaver as they are returning to DC from their honeymoon in the Caribbean. As they return to their home, they find their honeymoon is truly over. Jack’s cell phone rings just as Caroline approaches the house, it’s The Emperor, Mohammed Rabin. As Jack tries to prevent Caroline from reaching the house, he is not quick enough and Caroline is caught in...

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Review: Sealed in Lies – Kelly Abell

Title: Sead in Lies Series: In Lies Author: Kelly Abell Genre: Mystery thriller Publisher: Soltice Publishing Reviewed by: Tamiko Cabatic Jack Weaver is an undercover operative working for the Central Intelligence Agency who stumbles upon a plot to kill an important United States political head, the President-Elect. As he delves deeper into his investigations, he begins to peel back layer upon layer of what he discovers is a conspiracy. Jack, essentially, kidnaps Caroline Walters, the abused wife of Warren Walters-the Vice President-Elect. The only thing Jack wants from Caroline is information. The relationship between Jack and Caroline becomes symbiotic....

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Review: Blood Harvest Moon – Kelly Abell

Title: Blood Harvest moon Author: Kelly Abell Genre: Paranormal Romance Reviewed by Krisi Keley Taking a shortcut home from a frat party, Derek Panthera swerves to avoid hitting a figure who suddenly appears in the middle of the dark road on which he’s traveling. This abrupt change of direction not only results in a car accident, but forever alters the path of his life, as well.
Unable to continue his homeward journey due to the accident, Derek seeks help at a secluded farmhouse. There he meets a beautiful Irish woman named Shaelyn, who incites feelings in him he’s never...

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Review: Cursed – Kelly Abell

Title: Cursed Series: Hunters of the Cross Chronicles Author: Kelly Abell Genre: Paranormal Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Meet Gabriel Rome, tall, dark and sexy, and dedicated to the fight against any supernatural evil that crosses his path. He is a descendant of Dr. Igor Romanoff, was raised by monks, and is an authority on how to kill all things paranormal. His companion is a beautiful white wolf with crystal blue eyes who has the ability to communicate with him telepathically. The wolf is actually his wife, Grace, cursed by the Dark Witch Media five years earlier, to live in...

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Review: Haunted Destiny – Kelly Abell

Title: Haunted Destiny Author: Kelly Abell Genre: Horror Publisher: World Castle Publishing Reviewed by: Linda Tonis At the age of fifteen, Destiny Dove’s life was forever changed. On the way to Disney World Destination, her father, mother and eighteen month old brother were in a car accident, an accident that killed her parents instantly when they were thrown from the car. She and her little brother were trapped inside. As she fought to get her brother out of his car seat, Destiny was pulled from the car. When the police officer went back to the car to get her...

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