August 5, 2020

Review: Double Magick in the Falls – April Hollingworth

Reviewed by Melissa Brus   Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Four paranormal beings come together to unravel a series of unusual behavior, disappearances, and murder.  In the world Hollingworth creates, paranormals are known and intermingle in society. However, they are forbidden from mixing with humans in anything other than a professional capacity.  This law..

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Review: Essence Of Absinthe – Tony-Paul de Vissage

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Etienne Vaurien is a man living with many secrets and an enormous amount of guilt. Etienne is married to Josette a woman many years younger than he and they have three children, twins Dominique and David and the youngest Louis. Going back in time..

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