Month: April 2017

Review: A Kiss of Crimson – Christina Quinn

Title: A Kiss of Crimson Series: Little Red Book Book 1 Author: Christina Quinn Genre: Paranormal/vampire romance Release Date: March 31, 2017 Pages: 226 Reviewed by A. T. Weaver Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team I would like to start this review with a disclaimer – I usually don’t read vampire books. However, I feel a good reviewer should be able to read an unknown genre and know if the writing is good or bad and if people who like the genre would be interested in it. I will say the writing is good. Just enough description to...

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Review: Malsum Pass – Kimberly Forrest

Title: Malsum Pass Author: Kimberly Forrest Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: December 11, 2016 Pages: 230 Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Tara Mason has just buried her mother Marisol and she is about to learn who she is and why her mother never spoke about her past. With encouragement from her step-father Matty she opened a locked box left by her mother and then proceeded to find the grandfather she never met. The box was full of letters written by her grandfather to his daughter all of which were never responded to. Tara...

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Review: Reaping Fate – A.J. Rose

Title: Reaping Fate Series: Reaping Havoc Book 2 Author: A.J. Rose Genre: M/M Paranormal Mystery Publisher: The Grim Writer Press Release Date: May 3, 2016 Pages: 270 Review by Gloria Lakritz Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild This the second book of A.J. Rose’s Reaper series again gives the reader an interesting mystery in a paranormal setting. The first in the series, gave us Mitch and Nate finding each other and falling in love. Our learning about Mitch Seeker and his family being Reapers and what that all entailed, all the rules he had to follow in his...

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Review: Magnolia Mystic: Sentinels of Savannah – Lisa Kessler

Title: Magnolia Mystic: Sentinels of Savannah Series: A Magnolias and Moonshine Novella Book 10 Author: Lisa Kessler Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: Lisa's Lair Release Date: April 20, 2017 Pages: 129 Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Skye Olson is a psychic who lives and works in Savannah. She owns a shop called Magnolia Mystic where she reads Tarot cards to her customers. Unfortunately when Skye’s boyfriend stole most of her savings she began to doubt her ability to help others when she couldn’t help herself. She decided that the engagement ring Curt gave her...

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Review: Blood Dragons – Rosemary A. Johns

Title: Blood Dragons Series: Rebel Vampires Book 1 Author: Rosemary A. Johns Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: Fantasy Rebel Limited Release Date: August 14, 2016 Pages: 296 How do you rebel in a family of vampires..? AWARD-WINNING URBAN FANTASY. "In a precarious world where vampires are both predator and prey, Blood Dragons deftly blends elements of paranormal thriller and passionate romance... A character-driven, sizzling-hot saga" - Midwest Book Review Escape into a supernatural suspense aflame with love, revenge and redemption. In a divided paranormal London, Light is the rebel bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world, with a photographic memory. And a Triton...

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