Day: October 30, 2017

Review: Clay White – Kim Fielding

Title: Clay White Series: A Bureau Story Author: Kim Fielding Genre: M/M Fantasy Release Date: October 6, 2017 Pages: 82 Review by Gloria Lakritz Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS STORY BEING DONATED TO DOCTORS WITH NO BORDERS This short novella is number two in The Bureau world. Our beginnings were Corruption which would be better if read first. Clay White was no longer in the Bureau, but his sense of right and wrong brings him out searching clubs of San Francisco for the killer of young men. At a club one night, he...

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PRG Anniversary – Where Are They Now? – Amy Lane

Where Are They Now? PRG Presents Amy Lane I was actually a founding member of the PRG. Gloria Lakritz saw a bunch of independent authors struggling on the AmazonĀ boards and thought, “Hey–maybe with a little bit of unification, they’d have a bigger voice!” and the result was the PRG. Now I started out writing paranormal romance–but there was always an element of m/m gay romance in my stories. So after the PRG was founded, and I got picked up by Dreamspinner Press, I figured “Welp, that’s it–the PRG isn’t going to be interested in me anymore.” And that’s where...

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