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PRG Anniversary – Where Are They Now? – Kelly Abell

Where Are They Now? PRG Presents Kelly Abell Wow PRG, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I remember those days when we all hung out on the Paranormal Romance Threads on Amazon getting into trouble. I think back to all the wonderful friends I’ve made. Some I’ve lost touch with and that makes me sad, and others are still my very close friends to this day. At the time PRG started I only had a few books out. My first Paranormal book was a novella entitled Blood Harvest Moon. We held our first book signing at a Waldens Book...

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PRG Anniversary – Where Are They Now? – Leanore Elliott

Where Are They Now? PRG Presents Leanore Elliott  Leanore Elliott first met the Paranormal Romance Guild’s founding group in Late 2008, in an Amazon Customer Thread. She was amazed at the wonderful, instant camaraderie she felt with these individuals. They all had wanted a place where writing, stories and books were the most important things. Hence, the PRG was born. Leanore served on the board a few times as it grew. Then she became a full fledged published Author and an Editor. Leanore’s roots are bound inside the PRG, where she still calls all of the founding members and many...

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Review: Rule Breakers, Soul Takers – Jacqueline Jayne

Title: Rule Breakers, Soul Takers Series: Hell Runners Book 1 Author: Jacqueline Jayne Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Publisher: Hartwood Publishing Release Date: September 12, 2017 Pages: 311 Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Prudence Luckett is an empath and has been training for five years to be a Hell Runner for the Hell Runner’s Society. As a Hell Runner she would have a partner and they would enter Hell to release souls that were tricked and took the wrong path. Unfortunately for Prudence her father is the Chancellor and doesn’t seem too keen on...

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Review: Braving the Rapids – Brandon Witt

Title: Braving the Rapids Series: Rocky Mountain Boys Book 2 Author: Brandon Witt Genre: M/M Romance Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release Date: November 13, 2017 Pages: 282 Review by Gloria Lakritz Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild I was really excited to see a second book release for this series. I think I fan girled all over my review for Mapping the Forest book #1 . It released last year at this time after I had just completed Brandon’s Myth series. I find this author a stickler for details, growing a story slowly. He never makes it convoluted destroying...

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PRG Anniversary – Where Are They Now? – Stuart Land

Where Are They Now? PRG Presents Stuart Land Super Happy Anniversary PRG! Wow, 10 years! Seems like only yesterday I joined this wonderful site back in 2011. I was so happy to have received so many incredible awards from the the reviewers and authors here. As most people know, I write in all genres, but have a lot in paranormal, and of course, there’s romance in all my books. Over several years, I stayed in China a month working on Chinese movies. I also did a speaking tour of ten Chinese cities talking about Hollywood make-up effects. At the end...

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