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Review: The Duchess’ Necklace – Mariah Lynne

Title: The Duchess' Necklace Author: Mariah Lynne Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction Publisher: Satin Romance Release Date: June 13, 2017 Pages: 134 Amelia Augusta Ethrington, eighteenth century Duchess of Abbington and fourth in line to the English throne, is considered by society an old maid at thirty-two. She refuses to marry and relinquish her authority to a husband. Instead, she finds romance in trysts with strangers. Amelia’s claim to her duchy is embodied in the form of an intricate and valuable necklace, The Abbington Jewels. But an unscrupulous time Traveler wishing to steal the jewels and sell them at future...

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Review: Ramatel’s Vow – Joel Crofoot

Title: Ramatel's Vow Series: A Series of Angels Book 2 Author: Joel Crofoot Genre: Fantasy Release Date: December 3, 2016 Pages: 197 Seventy generations ago, the angel Ramatel was cast into hell for sleeping with human women. Now he has returned to earth, harboring a vendetta against God, only to find himself strapped with a beautiful young apprentice. How far will he go to carry a grudge? Clara has been given a second chance to save her soul by working with her chauvinistic mentor who has antiquated ideas of gender roles. She bucks his authority at every chance, but...

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Review: Deliverance – Victoria Danann

Title: Deliverance Series: Knights of Black Swan Book 12 Author: Victoria Danann Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC Release Date: January 27, 2018 Pages: 412 CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE. Two and a half centuries ago Sixt had been a young witch withlittle control. In a fit of jealousy, she'd cursed the demon with anaddiction spell. She thought better of it shortly thereafter, butcouldn't find him to take it back. She did something unforgivable, butshe wants forgiveness anyway. Deliverance had been a slave to sexfor so long he could barely remember life...

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2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Awards

Congratulations to all of the 2017 Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominees! Voting will start on February 8th, 2018 and conclude on February 18th, 2018. Do you want to be eligible for the 2018 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards? If so, submit your book for review on the PRG Review Submissions Page. GHOSTS/HORROR/DARK FANTASY/PARANORMAL & URBAN/EPIC FANTASY Gallowglass (Gallowglass #1) By Jennifer Allis Provost The Awakening (The Elders Trilogy Book 1) By TL Travis Death Under the Crescent Moon By Dusty Rainbolt Eat The World By Rick McQuiston Curses and Warfare (Tokens and Omens Book 2) By Jeri Baird ROMANCE/HOLIDAY  An Online Angel By Kelly Abell A Highland Ghost for Christmas (Gambling Ghosts #1) By Jo-Ann Carson Charley’s Christmas Wolf (The Macconwood Pack Book 1) By C.D. Gorri ROMANCE/HOLIDAY – SERIES Gambling Ghosts Series By Jo-Ann Carson ROMANCE/FANTASY/SUSPENSE/TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL/WESTERN Mind Waves (Mind Hackers #1) By Amanda Uhl Together Forever (Circle of Ghadan Book 2) By Kimberly Cummons Legacy of Evil (The Hotel LaBelle Series Book 2) By Sharon Buchbinder Two Worlds Collided By Karen Michelle Nutt Quest of a Warrior (Legends of the Fenian Warriors Book 1) By Mary Morgan Colorado Bride (Matchmaker & Co. Book 4) By Cynthia Woolf Solace (Fae Warriors Book 1) By Gini Rifkin ROMANCE/FANTASY/SUSPENSE/TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL/WESTERN – SERIES Circle of Ghadan Series By Kimberly Cummons The Hotel LaBelle Series By Sharon Buchbinder Matchmaker & Co. Series By Cynthia...

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