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Review: Beguiling Delilah – Lyn Horner

Title: Beguiling Delilah Series: Romancing the Guardians, Book Six Author: Lyn Horner Genre: Paranormal Romance Suspense Release Date: July 13, 2017 Pages: 155 He’s a Navajo sworn to bring her to America; She’s a sexy genius in a race with him across France Delilah Moreau, the glamorous French Guardian, possesses a miraculous mathematical talent that provides her a privileged life, but it can’t give her what she truly wants: lasting love. Leon Tseda, a Navajo whose homeland serves as a hidden gathering place for the Guardians, vows to bring Delilah to safety, thwarting thugs sent to capture her and...

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Review: Small Moments – Kimberly Forrest

Title: Small Moments Series: Malsum Pass #6 Author: Kimberly Forrest Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: March 16, 2018 Pages: 213 Newly released from her captivity by the fur traders - a group that preys on shifters for profit - Rin Hayashi is looking forward to a normal, quiet life, and the town of Malsum Pass seems a perfect place to settle. Surrounded by the wolf pack, she's never felt safer... maybe even safe enough to fall in love, and Mike seems more than willing to fall with her. But Rin senses not all is as it seems with the...

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Review: Tempting Adam – Lyn Horner

Title: Tempting Adam Series: Romancing the Guardians, Book Seven Author: Lyn Horner Genre: Paranormal Romance Suspense Release Date: March 4, 2018 Pages: 136 He walked away from her once meaning to protect her and broke her heart. Can she forgive him and overcome his stubborn resistance to love? Guardian of Danu, Adam Dvorak has the power to make plants grow with a mere touch, but will he allow love to grow? An agronomist teaching better farming methods in a semi-desert region of northern Kenya, he has an accident and ends up in the local hospital where, to his shock,...

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Review: Breaker of Chains – Jordan L. Hawk

Title: Breaker of Chains Series: SPECTR Series 2 Book 4 Author: Jordan L. Hawk Genre: M/M Paranormal Demons Release Date: March 16, 2018 Pages: 163 Big changes are afoot at SPECTR. John Starkweather, once a hotshot field agent, is now benched. Instead of chasing down demons during Charleston's biggest outbreak, he's stuck interviewing exorcists about a previous case. But what at first seems like a busywork assignment takes a darker turn, as John begins to suspect the increase in possessions might not be coincidence, but part of an unseen conspiracy. The vampire spirit Gray was made to hunt demons...

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Review: The Romeo Catchers – Alys Arden

Title: The Romeo Catchers Series: The Casquette Girls Series Book 2 Author: Alys Arden Genre: YA/Fantasy, Paranormal Publisher: Skyscape Release Date: May 23, 2017 Pages: 605 Tormented by the fate she condemned her mother to, and by the lies she’s forced to tell to cover it up, Adele scours Storm-ravaged New Orleans for the truth about her family’s magical past. But every turn leads her back to the one person she’s determined to forget: the vampire Niccolò Medici. Not even the bewitched locks trapping him can break their connection. Sensing Niccolò calling to Adele, Isaac tries relentlessly to keep...

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