April 10, 2021

Author: PRG site admin

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    Review: Sealed in Lies – Kelly Abell

    Reviewed by: Tamiko Cabatic Jack Weaver is an undercover operative working for the Central Intelligence Agency who stumbles upon a plot to kill an important United States political head, the President-Elect. As he delves deeper into his investigations, he begins to peel back layer upon layer of what he discovers is a conspiracy. Jack, essentially,..

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    Review: Thrill of the Hunt

    Anthology Reviewed by: Heather Gabriel Devil’s Cut (Blade Whisperer), by L .E. Perez This story is about Kat and an antique sword she found with her grandfather Rodolfo. It turns out the sword, that she assumed was just an antique, turns out to be so much more. Her friend Spencer helps her find some information..

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