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Dual Review: The Ajax Protocol – Alex Lukeman

Title: The Ajax Protocol Series: The Project Book 7 Author: Alex Lukeman Genre: Action/Thriller Release Date: February 26, 2014 Pages: 309 Book Seven: The Ajax Protocol The Project is a Black Ops intelligence unit reporting only to the President of the United States. When an assassination attempt takes the President out of commission, the Project is caught up in a conspiracy that threatens to spark a world war and runs a lot deeper than just trying to kill the leader of the free world. Led by Director Elizabeth Harker, the Project team discovers a cold-hearted plot to turn America...

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Review: The Eye of Shiva – Alex Lukeman

Title: The Eye of Shiva Series: The Project Book 8 Author: Alex Lukeman Genre: Action Thriller Release Date: September 16, 2014 Pages: 330 On a mission to the Philippines Nick Carter of the Project finds ancient gold coins in a terrorist stronghold. The terrorists have been using the gold to buy weapons. Where did the coins come from? The discovery sets the Project team on a collision course with a ruthless terrorist who dreams of an Islamic Caliphate in India and a dying spy from India's CIA seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and son. All the...

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Review: Black Rose – Alex Lukeman

Title: Black Rose Series: The Project Book 9 Author: Alex Lukeman Genre: Action Adventure Release Date: January 18, 2015 Pages: 295 A lethal plague resurrected from the bones of the dead is stolen from a secret biological warfare lab hidden in the mountains of North Korea. There's no cure and it's one hundred percent fatal. If it gets loose, millions will die. The men who have it want to reduce the world's population and bring down the global economy as part of a plan to establish world dominance. Nick Carter and Selena Connor of the Project are up against...

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Dual Review: White Jade – Alex Lukeman

Title: White Jade Series: The Project Book 1 Author: Alex Lukeman Genre: Suspense Thriller Release Date: February 28, 2012 Pages: 249 WHITE JADE spins a web of deceit and murder across the globe, against the backdrop of a deadly international power game. Former Recon Marine Nick Carter is a man with a dark history of emotional and physical scars. He works for the PROJECT, a covert counter-terrorism unit reporting to the President. Selena Connor is a beautiful, strong and skilled linguist. When her wealthy uncle is murdered by someone looking for an ancient book about the elixir of immortality,...

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Review: The Solomon Scroll – Alex Lukeman

Title: The Solomon Scroll Series: The Project Book 10 Author: Alex Lukeman Genre: Adventure Release Date: May 15, 2015 Pages: 289 The contents of a two thousand year old scroll set in motion a deadly quest for the tomb of Solomon and the long lost treasure of the Second Jewish Temple. The Project team is up against a madman who believes he is the last high priest of an ancient and cruel god. He seeks the Seal of Solomon and the mystical powers he's sure it will bring him. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, including...

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