December 3, 2020

Author: Sandy Wolters

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    Review: Something Wild – Anna Martin

    Review by Marie Loring Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team Something Wild was highly enjoyable, drawing me in and keeping me delightfully entertained! The descriptions of the islands, laboratories, and dinosaurs were presented in just enough detail to be interesting, without overwhelming the budding relationship between Kit and Logan. The love story between..

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    Review: Visions of Rage – A.M. Burns & A.T. Weaver

    Review by Madison Davis Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team Visions Of Rage is the first book in the ‘Shifter Force” series. Connor McGriffin is a very strong psychic, working as a law enforcement consultant. He is used to pre-judgment and open rejection since Connor McGriffin is not only a psychic but also..

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