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From Dennis DeRose:

I am editor and owner of Moneysaver Editing. I have edited over 50 books almost nonstop in the last 9 years, primarily fiction. I believe a writer and an editor should form a writing team. I will try my best to make your book shine but please don’t rush me. Nothing done quickly is ever done well. THE SLOW TURTLE WINS THE RACE! I charge by the hour and expect to work very closely with my writers. I do not charge for phone consults, cover consults, back cover blurb or about you segment editing.

Please click on my LinkedIn profile ( to learn more about me.
I also co-authored Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist (

Rate: $30/hour, PRG members receive 15% discount, or $5/hour off, for $25/hour.
Sorchia’s Universe

Contact: Sorchia DuBois

Types of Posts:

Book Spotlight (Book Cover/Blurb/Excerpt)
Author Interview
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Any post that relates to paranormal romance, Gothic romance, medieval romance, horror. Guidelines at

Primary Genres:
Paranormal romance, horror, medieval romance, Gothic--any genre that includes a paranormal element.

Open to all pairings--Though I reserve the right to decline.