Catch of a Lifetime Book Cover Catch of a Lifetime
Andrew Grey
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 7, 2020

Some moments happen once in a lifetime, and you have to catch them and hold on tight.

Arty Reynolds chased his dream to Broadway, but after his father is injured, he must return to the small fishing community where he grew up, at least until his dad is back on his feet.

Jamie Wilson fled his family farm but failed to achieve real independence. Arty is hiring for a trip on the gulf, and it’ll get Jamie one step closer to his goal.

Neither man plans to stay in Florida long-term, neither is looking for love, and they’re both blown away by the passion that sparks between them. But on a fishing boat, there’s little privacy to see where their feelings might lead. Passion builds like a storm until they reach land, where they also learn they share a common dream. The lives they both long for could line up perfectly, as long as they can weather the strain on their new romance when only one of them may get a chance at their dream.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Robert Todd Reynolds (Arty) came to New York in the hopes of making it big but unfortunately like so many others he finds himself just another out of work actor. When a call comes through that his father has been injured he finds himself having to return to the place he left, Florida’s Gulf Coast where his dad is a fisherman. Unable to go out on his boat and with his finances so bad that he risks losing everything Arty knows he can’t leave.

Arty and his father have had a difficult relationship, his father never talks and even now that his son has returned to take out the boat to try to put his dad back in the green his father has nothing to say, not thank you, not I am proud of you only I don’t need your help. Arty knows
he has no choice but to once again go out fishing and it could take weeks or maybe months to put his father back to a stable situation but he has no choice.

Arty will have to use his own money to set the boat up and he will need a crew since his father’s crew all left for other work. Everything is going well but he is down one crew member and that position is filled by a man he has seen walking around and a man that caught his eye.

Like Arty, Jamie Wilson ran from his dad and the farm they own determined to make it on his own and far from the farm and his dad. Needing work he sees Arty’s sign for help and he signs on for what will probably be a few weeks on a small fishing boat with four men all on top of each other and working day in and day out to fill the buckets.

While on the boat and with very tight quarters Arty and Jamie realize that they are both attracted to each other and they are both looking to make a new life far away from Florida.
Two men, both with fathers who for one reason or another seem unable to communicate with their sons or support their desires for something different.

This was a beautiful story, but then I haven’t read one of Mr. Grey’s books that wasn’t and once again he taught me something, fishing for a living and what a difficult and dangerous job it is.