September 22, 2020


Reviewed by Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team   Pineapple (yes, her actual name) "Motts" Mottley is an amazing woman, asexual, biromantic, and autistic. Finally, at the age of 39, she has moved out of her parents’ home to live on her own. Motts inherited her aunt’s cottage in Cornwall, a distance..

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REVIEW: Stacking the Deck (The Kings: Wild Cards Book 1)- Charlie Cochet

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz  Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team What a pleasant surprise ! Waiting for another new entry for a Dex and Gang Thirds book, Charlie Cochet has graced her fans with a ‘spin off ‘ of her Kings stories, called The Kings Wild Cards Series  Book #1 titled Stacking..

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