February 20, 2020


Reviewed by Ulysses Dietz Member of The Paranormal Guild Review Team “The Emperor cares for each and every one of his subjects.” With that bland, propaganda-like statement, Mr. and Mrs. Brackhaus introduce us to a world that seems to be a mashup of every kind of fantasy we’ve ever known. It is Game of Thrones..

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Review: The Windmines of Bora Bora – Beryll Brackhaus & Osiris Brackhaus

Reviewed by: Ulysses Dietz Member of The Paranormal Guild Review Team “And that was one of Ivan’s shortcomings. A conscience.” I should complain, because the only gay romance in this substantial sequel to “The Demon of Hagermarsh” is a little bit at the end that’s the same romance that burgeoned in the first book. We never..

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Review: The Blacksmith Prince – Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Jehan is a fishmonger in a small area of France called Perigord where many fae reside. Jehan is living in the 17th century in a time when the fact that his attraction is towards men and not women would not be readily acceptable. Of..

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