January 15, 2021

Review: For the Lover of Stories: From “Nicéphore” to “Is This the Finale?” – Charlie Avinash Nicholas

Reviewed by Melissa Brus Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team This is not your typical book.  This is more a collection of stories, poems, and allegorical essays.  It took me a while to get into the writing style. It is very lyrical and focused more like a character study rather than moved along by..

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Dual Review: Jericho Road – Icy Snow Blackstone

Dual Review Jericho Road - a Novel - Icy Snow Blackstone Reviewers: She Said - Gloria Lakritz / She Said - Penelope Adams On Jericho Road, the lives of the Conyers and the Brights have been entwined since the War between the States, but as the South emerges into a new Way of Life, the scars of a more recent war..

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