October 23, 2020

Review: Strange Omens – Jim Stein

Reviewed by: Toni Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team Any story that begins with Kokopeli, the phallic Native American God of Fertility who was demoted to a flute-playing jokester by Spanish priests, can’t be all bad. Therefore, this story immediately had my attention.  I would’ve liked a little more background telling how Ed, son of..

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Review: Witchling: A Collection of Zoraida Grey Short Stories – Sorchia DuBois

Review by:  Toni V. Sweeney Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team This collection of four short stories is a prequel to the series The Magical World of Zoraida Grey.  In the first story, Zoraida is ten-years-old and living in Bear Hollow, Arkansas, with her Granny who is rumored—rightly—to be a witch. It introduces Zoraida, her..

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