May 14, 2021

REVIEW: The Cutie-Pie Murders (BJ Vinson Mysteries) – Don Travis

Reviewed by Ulysses Dietz  Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team This is a surprisingly old-fashioned detective story, and just the latest in a long series featuring B.J. Vinson. Each book stands alone, so I had no trouble settling into the story and its intriguing setting—Albuquerque, which brings with it a sense of place..

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Review: The Shoreless Sea – J. Scott Coatsworth

Review by Xanthe Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild We come to the final book in this amazing trilogy! Twelve different time periods, so many characters, relationships and plots that bring together the overall story arc of Liminal Sky and the journey through space of Forever, humanity’s chance at survival. Again the book is split..

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Review: Visions of Rage – A.M. Burns & A.T. Weaver

Review by Madison Davis Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team Visions Of Rage is the first book in the ‘Shifter Force” series. Connor McGriffin is a very strong psychic, working as a law enforcement consultant. He is used to pre-judgment and open rejection since Connor McGriffin is not only a psychic but also..

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