November 25, 2020

REVIEW: Bloodlaced (Youkai Bloodlines Book 1) – Courtney Maguire

Reviewed by Melissa Brus Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team This is one of those stories that doesn’t fit neatly into a category.  It has a love story but isn’t a romance.  It has scary scenes but isn’t a horror tale.  It has vampires, but isn’t a typical paranormal story.  What it is,..

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REVIEW: A Peculiar Prom Night: A Minded Story – R.L. Merrill

Reviewed by Ulysses Dietz  Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team This tasty novella by R.L. Merrill is distinctive in a couple of ways. First, although the setting is crammed full of high school kids, the main performers in Merrill’s drama are all middle-aged, lonely people. The other distinctive detail is that we’re looking..

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REVIEW: The Booker: (M/M Haunted House Horror) – Grace Hudson

Reviewed by Madison Davis  Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team The Booker is a spooky story, producing goosebumps and shudders just at the right places. To me, it was just sufficiently scary that I could enjoy the characters as well as the plot without trembling in fear.The author painted a well-rounded picture with..

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