April 10, 2021

PRG Anniversary – Where Are They Now? – Leanore Elliott

Where Are They Now? PRG Presents Leanore Elliott  Leanore Elliott first met the Paranormal Romance Guild's founding group in Late 2008, in an Amazon Customer Thread. She was amazed at the wonderful, instant camaraderie she felt with these individuals. They all had wanted a place where writing, stories and books were the most important things. Hence,..

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PRG Anniversary – Where Are They Now? – T. Lynne Tolles

Where Are They Now? PRG Presents T. Lynne Tolles Happy Birthday/Anniversary PRG! In 2009 I came across your site and was eagerly embraced by all, despite my numerous questions and  obvious “Newbie-ness”. I made some lifetime friendships through your website and I’m extremely thankful for them. I’ve written 13 books since I first laid eyes on..

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