February 27, 2020

REVIEW: The Tailor and the Prince – Pelaam

Review by (Xanthe)….Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild Pelaam is a new to me author but definitely one that I will be looking out for in the future. I really enjoyed the different aspects that the story had to offer and the different relationships that emerged between all of the characters. There's the impression that..

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Review: The Shoreless Sea – J. Scott Coatsworth

Review by Xanthe Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild We come to the final book in this amazing trilogy! Twelve different time periods, so many characters, relationships and plots that bring together the overall story arc of Liminal Sky and the journey through space of Forever, humanity’s chance at survival. Again the book is split..

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Review: Surviving the Shadows – Miranda Turner

Review by (Xanthe) Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild What a fantastic sequel to book one in this urban fantasy series. Miranda Turner has carried on the superb story line that follows two men and their team as they fight for the side of Light against Dark and look to stop paranormal occurrences/events. The series..

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