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Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m from San Diego and I write Paranormal Romance. I got my start in publishing with my horror short stories and eventually branched out into Paranormal Romance. I’m a sucker for a good happy ending! 🙂  Right now I write the Night Series (vampires) and the Moon Series (Werewolves and jaguar shifters) for Entangled Publishing as well as a little bit of self-publishing on the side.

What were your inspirations for writing or becoming an author?

I actually wrote for fun every night to wind down after a long day, but during a business trip to New Orleans, I went into a palm reading shop and everything changed. After my reading, she walked me out and stopped at the door. “Can I ask you a question?” I said sure and she asked if I was a writer. I quickly answered, “No.” Then I added, “Well I write, but just for fun.” She smiled at me, and I swear she had a twinkle in her eyes. “You’re going to be a famous writer someday.”

I left the shop in a daze, wondering if I could ever write something long enough to become a novel. My brain wouldn’t let it go and six months later I had the first draft of Night Walker completed. It took me years to find the right publisher for it, but she inspired me to a life path I’m not sure I ever would have taken. I’m SUPER grateful! 🙂

Tell us about your Book(s)/Series(s).

I actually have two. The Night Series are my Night Walkers. They’re similar to vampires, but they’re descended from the Mayans. They can also shape shift into their spirit animal at will. These books feature tortured, mysterious, and dangerous heroes as well as tropical locations.

The Moon Series is my shifter series featuring the werewolf Pack in Reno, Nevada. There are also jaguar shifters in this world, most of whom work for the nefarious Nero Organization. The heroes in this series are strong, hot-headed, fighters with loyal hearts of gold and when the chips are down, they stand up for each other no matter what.

Where can readers find your book(s)?

My books are on sale everywhere… Here are my books on Amazon and B&N:

Or my website: