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Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I write dark paranormal romance and occasionally horror short stories. I love tortured heroes and watching them heal over the course of a book or two… I live in San Diego and music is also a huge part of my life.

What were your inspirations for writing or becoming an author?

I actually wrote for fun every night for 6 years and during a business trip to New Orleans, I decided to get a palm reading. After the reading as I was leaving the shop, the psychic asked if I was a writer. I said no and then admitted I did it for fun. She smiled and said “You’re going to be a famous author someday.” *boggle* I left in a daze and 6 months later I had the first draft of Night Walker done! She changed my life that day…

Tell us about your Book(s)/Series(s).

Blood Moon is the 3rd book in my Moon Series. I have two more releases in the series (Harvest Moon & Ice Moon) due out later this year in Sept. & Nov. so it’s the perfect time to dive in the series and get caught up! πŸ™‚

The Moon Series is about a werewolf pack in Reno, Nevada. The Pack is on a collision course with the Nero Organization, a covert military corporation bent on creating the perfect shape-shifting assassin. The Moon Series blends the action and pacing of Urban Fantasy with the sexy heat of Paranormal Romance for a page-turner you won’t forget.

Why did you write it?

It actually started as a short story, but I couldn’t stop wondering what would happen next… It grew into what will be an 8 book series! πŸ™‚

Why should people buy it?

If you love sexy, dangerous paranormal romance, you should definitely meet the Pack! πŸ™‚

Where can readers find your book(s)?

Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, everywhere!

Do you have any book trailers, etc.?

I have a few for the Night Series. No trailers for the Moon Series yet…

Do you have any upcoming events such as book signings, speaking engagements, etc.?

I’ll be at Comic-Con San Diego, and a few conferences in 2016. Look for me at Coastal Magic and RT Booklovers for sure.