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Author Bio:

Regan Black, a USA Today and international bestselling author, writes award-winning, action-packed novels featuring kick-butt heroines and the sexy heroes who fall in love with them. Raised in the Midwest and California, she and her family, along with their adopted greyhound, two arrogant cats, and a quirky finch reside in the South Carolina Lowcountry where the rich blend of legend, romance, and history fuels her imagination.

Why do you write?

Because the characters won’t leave me alone. Seriously, when a story idea grabs hold, the characters rarely give me a day off – and that is great news for my writing process.

I’ve learned the hard way I can’t be away from the writing for more than three days, preferably only two. I turn into a miserable, vicious beast. No joke – horns, claws, breathing fire, the whole bit. It’s ugly.

No matter what’s going on in my life, I need to stay connected to my writing process, be it fiction or non-fiction, if only with some quick brainstorming, scene sketches, or journal entries.

Tell us about your Books/Series.

I write in multiple genres from paranormal romance to non-fiction and have several series, as well as two writing partners. Writing romantic suspense with Debra Webb we have several novels published by Harlequin Intrigue. Our next book, Her Undercover Defender will be available on November 1st.  We also have a special sale right now on our Dangerous Protectors trilogy – three books with three stunning heroes – that we had a blast creating for our readers.

My first sale of Justice Incarnate underscored my passion for writing books with dynamic characters venturing through action-packed stories with a paranormal angle. My muse loves to play with futuristic settings in the Shadows of Justice series and the magical world of myth and love in the Matchmaker series set in contemporary Charleston, South Carolina. The Unknown Identities series is populated with bigger-than-life heroes indebted to a covert agency determined to create a super soldier.

I’m thrilled to say a fresh new trilogy is on the horizon and the public announcement will come soon – after I share the details with my newsletter subscribers later this month. (They get to hear everythingfirst!)

My non-fiction titles include the Adopt a Greyhound Guide, Into the Dorm, Goal Setting for Writers, and more non-fiction is in development. Kimberly Hope and I have also co-written the Writer’s Survival Guide.

Where can readers find your books?

All of my books are available at Amazon and most of my titles will soon be available in all markets. The books I write with Debra Webb are currently available in all markets. You can read excerpts, find a printable book list at more at my website:


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Do you have any upcoming events such as book signings, speaking engagements, etc.?

While I don’t have any in-person signings or speaking engagements on the schedule right now, you can find me online on twitter @ReganBlack or on my Facebook page at or even Pinterest as Regan Black


Live the adventure!