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    I like to call my editor my book midwife, because she helps me bring my book baby to life. Before she receives the baby, it’s been incubating in my computer, nurtured by coffee, wine, and feedback from my beta readers and subject matter experts. Sometimes we get stuck, or just want to share a snippet. This is the place to talk about your work in progress with other writers who feel your pain.

    Christina Quinn

    I’m behind schedule with my latest book, I should have been done on Friday but here it is Wednesday and still not finished.

    My witty, snarky, bitchy, sociopathic main character has fought me at every turn, she refuses to do what I want her to, and because of it I’m second guessing EVERYTHING. I’m 95% certain it’s total crap in spite of what my betas have told me, they love it.

    Here is the blurb for it:
    Something is eating people in Cleveland, Ohio and not even the Order of Shadows—the judge, jury and executioners of the supernatural—knows what type of beastie is the source of the desiccated corpses washing up on the shores of the Cuyahoga river. Rose finds herself once again at the heart of a conspiracy as the preternatural community attempts to hide what’s really hunting along the north coast. With the mysterious disappearance of another Shadow and Rose is in a race against time that leaves one question unanswered. Will she be able to out-monster the monsters or will she be silently devoured?

    and here’s an excerpt! It’s Urban Fantasy and pre-editing.

    Ezra’s car was in the driveway. The sight of the black mustang made me contemplate not going inside, but after a bit necessity got the best of me.
    I’ll grab a shower, eat, and take a nap. I can just ignore Ezra if it comes down to it.
    I was pissed at him, not enough to stab him but pretty damn close. I was fine with a lot of things but I couldn’t stand it when someone lied to me. Sighing, I realized I was being stupid, he was a shifter, his super heightened hearing meant he would have heard me pull into the driveway. Chewing on my lips all the way, I walked to the house and through the door.
    The sounds and smells of expert level culinary artistry almost made me forget I was mad at him. When I cleared the living room I found him shirtless and cooking something with cheese in a skillet. It was like he was trying to distract me, like some odd sixth sense told him when I walked through the door I would be ready to rip his head off.
    “I was hoping you’d come home soon, I made chicken alfredo. I figured you were sick of red meat.” He beamed at me, all pearly white kitty fangs and happy blue eyes.
    “I like red meat.” Was all I could bring myself to say as I walked passed him. “I need the kitchen when you’re done.”
    “I’m cooking for us.”
    “I don’t want it.” I turned on the shower and He dashed to the doorway grabbing the door as I tried to close it.
    “What’s wrong?”
    I laughed. “Really? Why don’t you take a wild fucking guess?”
    “I have no clue. Last night everything was fine and now you’re acting like you don’t want anything to do with me.”
    I clapped. “Wow, you can take a fucking hint, I’m shocked.” I turned from him and started stripping.
    “Rose, what’s wrong?”
    “Nothing. This is who I am, Nate’s gone. I don’t have to pretend to like you anymore, so wander back into the kitchen and make your fucking food I need to take a shower.”
    “Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”
    He was quickly crossing into that needs to be hurt territory. “Ezra, get the fuck out.”
    “No. Not until you tell me.” I watched his reflection in the shower door as he crossed his arms. I turned and jumped on him, wrapping my hands around his throat, strangling him as he staggered backward. I crawled around his body, evading his hands as I kept that pressure on his throat. If choking him out was what it took for me to shower in peace so be it. He was careful with me, he couldn’t have turned those hands into deadly claws even if he wanted to but his passive pawing of me as he attempted to peel me off said more than words.
    “I know about the fucking hit on me you almost took, fuck face,” I growled. He jumped and threw himself back against the floor. Once the impact was made I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t let go. His face turned bright pink but I knew I wasn’t applying enough pressure to make him pass out—the down side of small hands. I released him and pinned him. He didn’t say anything he just stared up at me. We watched each other with cold dead eyes.
    “I thought about it.”
    “You fucking lied to me.”
    “What should I have said? ‘Oh, Rose, I was offered an obscene amount of money to kill you so I thought about it for a while.’”
    “You would have put two in me, then and there.”
    “That’s why I didn’t tell you.”
    “You know I can’t let this go, right?”
    “Yeah.” We both nodded the understanding between two monsters.
    “Ever been shot with fifty caliber silver before?” I grinned and he struggled. No, I wasn’t even going to switch clips, that was the type of mood he had me in.
    “Rose, please.”
    “Please? You even lied about your fucking name Ezra Kirkpatrick.”
    “No, I told you the truth. Only you. Nate doesn’t even know my real name. Rose.” I drew the Barretta keeping it behind my back so he couldn’t see that I had drawn the nine mil instead—torture is mostly psychological after all. “Rose, don’t. Not the fifty cal.”
    “You are right by the way. Everyone loves, some more than others and some less, and I might be falling in my version of love with you… Maybe.” I leveled the gun with his lower abdomen behind my back and pulled the trigger. He screamed bloody murder and I went to take my shower.



    You just surprised the heck out of me with that excerpt! Here I was convinced they would wind up in the shower making wild crazy love and she shoots him! Of course, I need to read more. Excellent tease! Now, will the river catch on fire again? Inquiring minds want to know. FINISH THE BOOK!!

    Nagging Nanny Sharon

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