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    Marta C. Weeks

    SYLPHS; or, IMMORTALS, a trilogy

    Warning: This story contains sexual elements that might not sit well with the average reader.

    Book One: The Sylph’s Tale
    About 17 thousand words. Introduces the archangel and his beloved.
    In prehistoric times, when a virgin escapes into an Archangel’s earthly paradise he is commanded: “Take your Eve” but is damned to be an immortal being without a soul and discovers that she has special powers.

    ChapterOne – Fate Awaits
    I shouldn’t have returned to Earth after, as a salamander, I slid into a river between a man and a virgin. Her screams and his grunts stirred in me new thoughts: What must it be to feel flesh on bones? The idea jolted me back to the sky.

    Book Two: Virgins
    About 50K words. From caves to castles, 1841.
    Seduced by voices just like his beloved Haya, the Archangel, Ayekah, finds other virgins from them are born five generations of twins. One is fertile the other is the watcher. The women are strong and wise, have extraordinary lives but are ruled by traditions and rituals, upheld by the oldest. Ayekah, like a master puppeteer, rules their destiny; until The Mardi appears.

    Book Three: ROLO
    About 40K words. A New World unfolds. Not from the heart of religious prophecy but the mind of technology. An event once holy will be seen as evil.
    The Mardi intervenes as Ray and Ary Battel over right and wrong. Ray, a Genetic Scientist, develops the science that brings ROLO, a cybernetic clone, to life. Ary, a Parapsychologist, foresees that Ray’s plan can drive humankind to extinction. The head of Tardell Corporation, Sigrid Liera (Sig) clones Ray and himself into ROLO. But Ray and Rolo disappear under the raging waters of Hurricane Mitch.

    Twitter: @mmaw


    Sounds intriguing, Marta! What kind of reader are you looking for?


    Hi Marta–Do you have a particular reader profile you are looking for? Sharon

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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