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    Anthony Taylor

    Where do you start your planning? World Building, Characters, plot? I am interested to know which people start with?


    Christina Quinn

    I let it happen organically. I’m someone who just likes to sit down and write, I only plan if I’m finishing up a story and are 20k+ shy of the average word count for the genre. I go back during my editing and make sure everything is consistent with my world bible (All of my PNRs with vampires take place in the same world).


    Hi Anthony and Christina–

    When I wrote Kiss of the Silver Wolf I needed a jinni hunter with a badge. After looking at various government agency website, I decided to create a new Division within the Science and Technology Directorate of Homeland Security. I have an organizational chart over my desk with ADD penciled in, a history of where it came from (the CIA used to house it on Ft Bragg as MKUltra, a real project) and a lot of real documentation about what MKUltra used to do–all public information now. I have found this to be a rich source of information on which to build and expand my world. After my 4th story with this agency, I’m beginning to think it really exists, LOL. For each book, I use OneNote and add tabs for characters in this world so I can keep track of everyone.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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