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    Hi folks,

    I’m author Christopher D. Morgan and co-owner of Dragon Realm Press, the company responsible for building the new Paranormal Romance Guild website.

    I’ll be lurking around the forums over the comings days/weeks following the transition to the new website. If anyone has any questions about the new website, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

    Chris Morgan
    Dragon Realm Press


    It’s beautiful, Chris! I love what you’ve done with the place!



    Thanks, Sharon. Hopefully, the new members will be pleased with how it has all turned out 🙂

    Audra Trosper

    I like it. It’s clean and easy to navigate.

    PRG site admin

    Looks great and is easy to navagate.

    My questions:

    1. Is there a trick to view your profile? When I click on profie I’m brought to an edit page….not to a profile page.
    2. I would like to get rid of the generic profile pic of the bubble person….however, where? Not in edit…
    3. Where are the prior ‘wall’ discussions that used to be in your profile? Are those no longer available for viewing?
    4. The list of ‘friends’ is also MIA….also a casualty?

    Thanks and nice job. ^^


    Hi T.M. Sulsona,

    So glad you are liking the new site. Those are some really great questions and I’ll try to take them one at a time:

    1. The ‘Profile’ menu item should take you to a page where you can change basic details about your account, such as firstmane, lastname, password. It may be that the definition of what a ‘Profile’ does under the new website isn’t the same as what it was under the old website.

    2. The new website now links to Gravitar, which is a global avatar registration service. To change your avatar, visit Gravitar associates your avatar with your accounts based on your e-mail address, so providing you set up your Gravitar account using the same e-mail address you used to set up your PRG account, the avatar you choose there will show up on the PRG website.

    3. Unfortunately, because the underlying technology between the old PRG website and the new one aren’t compatible, it was not possible to preserve or bring over all the wall discussions.

    4. Sadly, yes, this is also a similar casualty of the compatibility gap between the old and new websites.

    I do hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to let me know if you need any further clarification.

    Best regards,

    Chris Morgan
    Dragon Realm Press

    Jessica Aspen

    Hi Chris,
    I love the new streamlined look, and I appreciate all the work that must have gone into the site so far. My question is about the list of authors and books. Will we be getting something back like that in the future where visitors to the site can find authors? I know the list of books was getting super long, but at least a place to post a link to our website and a bio, would be great.
    Once again, I’m aware that this has taken a huge amount of work so far, so thank you to everyone who contributed. 🙂


    Hi Jessica. I’m so glad you like the new website. There was indeed a lot of work put into it by a lot of very dedicated people and I think they can resoundingly be commended for their efforts. That work continues in the background now as all the old reviews are brought across. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the previous website, there was no export option available to capture all the reviews in a way that allowed them to be easily imported. The underlying technology between the previous CMS (Content Management System) and the new one are not compatible with each other. As a result, everything has to be done manually and it will take some time to work through it all.

    Does that answer your question? If not, I’m happy to provide further information if you could clarify. Thanks 🙂

    Best regards,

    Chris Morgan
    Dragon Realm Press


    Hi Chris–

    Is there a way to “pin” the PRG Forum Groundrules to the top of the forums? I’m concerned they will get lost in the shuffle. I’d like everyone to see them when they arrive in the forums.



    That’s a great question, Sharon. Yes, the feature does exist and I’ve now pinned the ground rules post so that it will always be at the top 🙂

    Best regards,

    Chris Morgan
    Dragon Realm Press

    Anthony Taylor

    Hi Chris I have just been trying to add links and about me to my forum profile but when I press enter, I get a spam message. Am I doing something wrong?


    Hi Anthony,

    There is an anti-SPAM mechanism in place but it’s hard to know if this is what’s causing your issue without more information. Can you please take a screenshot that shows what you are doing and what the error is being displayed and send that to me at

    Best regards,

    Chris Morgan
    Dragon Realm Press

    Anthony Taylor

    Thanks for your reply, I have sent a screen capture to your email as requested.

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