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    I’m fortunate enough to be with The Wild Rose Press, which has weathered the storms of small presses for a decade. How are the rest of you faring? Has your publisher moved, merged or gone out of business? Do you know your legal recourses? I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but there are resources we can bring here.


    Kelly Abell

    I’ve become a hybrid author where I have some books with small presses and some I’ve published independently. Small presses haven’t changed much over the years and unfortunately do not have the budgets to do much of the marketing that needs to be done for authors. Well intentioned as they may be that is just a hard fact.

    Authors should be prepared to spend some money marketing themselves, building their brand, and marketing their book or series.

    Small presses have some expense advantages for authors, but you need to research them carefully. Read some of the books they’ve published. Look for the quality of editing, covers, etc. before you make your choice to submit. There are some really good ones out there, but there are some not so good ones as well.


    Hi Kelly–

    Yes, my husband initially thought my publisher should do all my marketing. I told him that was for the big publishers and big name authors. We little people have to be entrepreneurs and think like small businesses–which we creative types tend to not enjoy.

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