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Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 1
Rosalie Redd
Paranormal Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
January 8, 2020

When a feisty human steals a gargoyle’s spirit-stone, all bets are off…

Beaumont prides himself on his stellar fae kill record, but his life is upended when a feisty, human female challenges him to seduce her and steals his spirit-embedded stone. He’s on a quest to save his soul, yet this woman makes him harder than a rock, and for a guy who spends his days encased in granite, that’s saying something.

Crafty and swift, Sadie learned to pickpocket from the best mentor ever—need. After she runs across a tall, sexy gargoyle and steals his most valuable possession, she’s up against more than can she handle. As he hunts her down to retrieve his precious stone, he stirs a passion she didn’t know existed…and can’t resist.

Gargoyle Night Guardians protect human souls from the evil clutches of dark fae. Be careful, though, gargoyles aren’t your average hero for within each guardian rests a questionable soul, one ripe for redemption and eager to become worthy of what we all crave—love.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Beaumont Laroche became a Gargoyle Night Guardian in 1192 AD after he was executed for murder, a murder that I won’t reveal. He was given a second chance by the goddess Rhiannon, join her gargoyle army protecting humans and fighting the fae until he can be retested in the future. Every day he stands as a statue with his two teammates and every night they fight the fae to protect humans.

One night Beaumont came to the rescue of a girl, Sadie McAllister, a pickpocket who was in danger of being killed by Beaumont’s arch enemy Marco, the fae he has hunted for centuries. Unfortunately after rescuing her his head met a flowerpot that knocked him cold and the thanks he got for saving her life was stealing his wallet and his spark stone. His spark stone rests over his heart and contains a part of his soul and without it he will die so finding Sadie is crucial. He cannot return to his statue during the day and must find a place to stay and little by little he is turning to stone.

Beaumont and Sadie begin to care about each other even though they both had past relationships that caused them pain. A gargoyle and a pickpocket who gave up on ever finding love or trust are on a journey to find both but their enemies have no intention of letting them have a happily ever after.

I loved this book and anxiously await the next one. This is a wonderful paranormal romance with suspense, wonderful characters and a story of hope.