Her Demigod Complex Book Cover Her Demigod Complex
Legendary Consultants
Abigail Owen
Paranormal Romance
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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lyleia (Leia) Naiad is a nymph who lost her spring when she refused the attention of a werewolf who wanted her. He managed to use one of the gods to fill her spring with lava. When that happened all her sisters turned away from her because they believed her fate could fall on them. For 1500 years she has been without her spring and has managed with baths and carrying bottled water.

When Leia went to Legendary Consultants for a job she was placed with Castor Dioskouri a demigod who has been unable to keep an Executive Assistant because they keep falling in love with him. As a nymph Leia has the ability to turn off every god or demigod so she is perfect for the job. After a year she begins to find it harder and harder to keep her feelings under control but since Castor is constantly breaking up with women she knows that she would probably just be another statistic where he is concerned.

When he asks her to attend a werewolf wedding and mating ceremony she immediately refuses knowing full well that the pheromones being released would make everyone horny including her and Castor. Unfortunately Castor tells her come or be fired and she goes. Pheromones become the least of Leia’s worries because the very werewolf responsible for her losing her spring is attending and his ego is still hurting.

This is the first book I have read by this author but it will not be the last. This book contains, witches, warlocks, nymphs, demigods, gods and werewolves so it is a smorgasbord of characters for those who love paranormal romances. A demigod and a nymph who are afraid to admit their feelings for each other but none the less there is sex. Looking forward to the next book in the series.