Interpretive Hearts Book Cover Interpretive Hearts
Dreamspun Desirs
Amanada Meuwissen
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 19, 2019

Love is easy once you learn the steps.

In the competitive world of dance, Teddy was a flawless performer and hardass choreographer who students feared and admired in equal measure. But hip surgery ended the glamour and drama, and now Teddy is recovering at his beach house, lost and listless.

Until he meets Finn, his neighbor, who is too perfect, gorgeous, and kind to exist—but very ill timed. In a seaside town as small as theirs, they can’t avoid each other, especially since Finn is also Teddy’s new physical therapist. But Teddy isn’t the man he used to be, and though Finn flirts shamelessly with him, Teddy can’t believe a has-been dancer is worthy of someone so young and full of life.

Finn’s sunny smile is also hiding heartache. Pursuing Teddy challenges both his professionalism and his self-preservation, but if he can convince Teddy to trust him, maybe they both can heal.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Teddy Scofield was a dancer and choreographer whose career came to an end after hip surgery. Now living in the city is a constant reminder of what he has lost and so he goes to live in his beach house in spite of the fact that he hates, sun, sand and water. The only good thing about living on the beach is he has privacy but that too comes to an end when he gets a new neighbor.

Finn Archer has just moved in next door to Teddy and their meeting was not a pleasant one since Finn found himself having to carry Teddy into his home after he fell. There is an attraction that Teddy feels immediately but Finn is young and healthy neither of which Teddy is any longer so Teddy decides to stay away from him but fate has other plans for the two of them because Finn is Teddy’s assigned physical therapist.Working together three days a week and living next door to each other makes staying away impossible in addition to the fact that Finn fosters cats and dogs and Teddy just happens to call requesting one of the cats he has. As if the therapy is not enough to keep them apart Finn’s dog and now Teddy’s cat are best of friends. Teddy always sees Finn as a ray of sunshine until he finally let’s the heartbreaking pain he lives with come to the surface. Both men have baggage but can they overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.Finn knows that Teddy needs to find a new outlet for his talent and a young girl going through therapy with a prosthetic leg gives him his answer, it was a very sweet part of the story but I won’t say anything more about it. I truly enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting, two men who have to put the past behind them and live in the present and look forward to the future, whether they achieve that goal is not for me to say but you won’t be sorry reading this story.