Like a Phoenix Book Cover Like a Phoenix
Olivette Devaux
Gay Romance/Thriller
Mugen Press
November 29, 2016

Review by: Debby Foulkes

Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild


Ash and Cooper are partners not only professionally but romantically also. Both are PI’s and Elementalists, which means they are in control of the four elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air. When one of their close friends Sig turns up on their doorstep battered and bruised after a dispute with his partner Ash and Cooper welcome him into his bed in order to heal him physically and emotionally. However all is not as clear cut as it seems and Sig’s partner David needs help also, forcing Ash and Cooper to step up and pull all the elements together to save their friends.

Like a Phoenix was an incredibly easy read and the narrative by Olivette was beautifully descriptive and addictive. The characters created were investable and I really wanted the happily ever after for them all. The sexual scenes were well done and Olivette created a beautiful balance between the romance and the sexual descriptions and was tastefully done.

The chapters were short, yet not sharp and that for me caused me to read so much in a short space of time. The pace of action as well as romance was well timed. Over all I enjoyed Olivette’s writing and found the use of Elementalists as lead characters intriguing and compelling. I would definitely recommend and read more of this series.