Like a Rock Book Cover Like a Rock
Disorderly Elements #1
Olivette Devaux & Mason Winters
Gay Paranormal Romance/Adventure
Mugen Press
January 14, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Cooper Anneveinen has just received his diploma and is now a licensed architect. Unfortunately having a diploma does not guarantee a job and so he works as a bartender at night and during the day tries to find work in his selected field.

Another problem with finding work is the fact that he had been thrown out of school for cheating. Cooper as the gift of sensing the earth and when he did a paper reporting what he learned from the earth itself he was accused of cheating, something he did not do.

A call from Ash Ravenna another man with a gift, the gift of speaking with water to do work on some buildings he purchased suddenly offered Cooper the opportunity he has been seeking. Ash picks up on the fact that Cooper has a gift and when he discusses it with him it causes Cooper to try to use it. The outcome is Cooper being hit with a serious headache that lays him up for three days and causes him to lose his bartending job.

Cooper has feelings for Ash although he never had thoughts of being with another man and never considered himself gay even though he realizes Ash is. When the two of them do allow themselves to do some exploring the reaction between the two causes pure chaos and leads them to believe they can’t be together again. The two of them are elementalists and when together their powers become very strong. Until they can learn to control their gifts being together could prove dangerous. They need a teacher and Cooper’s mom and dad know just who to call.

I did not overly enjoy this story but like all reviews they are one person’s opinion. I appear to be in the minority since all the reviews that I have seen for this book were five stars. I liked the two main characters but other than that I was not overly impressed. The book got 3 stars because I did not dread reading it and although I didn’t love it I didn’t hate it either.