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Regan Black

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Aside from being a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author, I’m an Army wife, mother of two, with three retired greyhounds, two manipulative cats, and two quirky finches living with us. I call myself the domestic zookeeper. I’m also a serious coffee addict.

What were your inspirations for writing or becoming an author?

When I look back, I realize that writing has always been my preferred mode of expression. Deep down, I’m a shy person who had to suck it up and pretend I was an extrovert. Through writing, I could explore and express all the emotions or observations I couldn’t (and often shouldn’t) verbalize. I’ve made up stories or rhymes to amuse my family and friends (and combat the shyness) for as long as I can remember.

It’s rather embarrassing to admit, but writing novels wasn’t ever my intention. I didn’t think I had it in me. I was a stay at home mom and published poet, prepping my second collection for publication when my husband came home to work for the second time in as many years. My poetry was sunshine and light one day, and angst and despair the next. It was maddening, to put it mildly.

Tell us about your Books and Series. 

Set in the year 2096, each book in the Shadows of Justice series stars kick-butt alpha female heroines and swoon-worthy heroes. In a Chicago plagued by urban decay offset by pockets of gleaming wealth, characters with special gifts, like the ability to heal with a touch or genetic enhancements such as telekinesis, journey through fast-paced adventures that will keep you turning pages long past your bedtime.

The reading order for this series is Justice Incarnate, Invasion of Justice, Veil of Justice, Tracking Shadows, and Shadows to Light.

The Matchmaker’s Mark is the first novel in the lighthearted paranormal romance series set in present-day Charleston, SC. It’s quite a bit different from the darker, edgy adventures set in 2096. So much so, that we joked about using the pen name, Regan Gray.

It’s been such a fun trip working with the legendary and elusive Matchmaker who arranges marriages and can point ‘more than human’ characters like elves, werewolves, etc. to their soulmates – should they be lucky enough to find her. Book two in this series, The Matchmaker’s Curse will be released later this spring and book three will be out this winter.

In addition to those series and my two non-fiction titles, there is my YA fantasy short story series: The Hobbitville Saga. Those five short stories are in one convenient collection now, or you can buy them separately. The reading order is The Pixie chicks, Hot Spots, Breaking New Ground, The Shadow Stone, and Snow-Covered Resolutions.

This series features a quartet of girlfriends nicknamed ‘the Pixie Chicks’ who get swept into adventures in a garden filled with magical statuary. There is a full length novel in the works, as well as some other surprises I hope to announce in the coming months.

Why do you write? 

I write because the stories become so real in my head and I want to share them with readers. Admittedly, writing novels wasn’t my specific goal at first, but once the bug bit, I haven’t stopped.

When I finally realized my writing voice was best suited for paranormal and urban fantasy, my imagination celebrated! I love to play with impossible possibilities and the stories within each series seem to grow and expand on their own.

Sometimes the real challenge is sticking with one story at a time. While I’m in one book, I’ll make notes for the next one – or a different spin-off altogether – which is happening right now with the Shadows of Justice series.

Why should people buy your books?

Readers who love a fast pace, high action, and dynamic romances between alpha females and the men who love them will enjoy the urban fantasy/paranormal romance adventures of the Shadows of Justice series.

Paranormal fans in the mood for a more lighthearted story of love between creatures that supposedly only populate fairy tales and myths will enjoy the Matchmaker series.

When you’re short on time, or have a younger reader looking for a distraction, the Hobbitville series is a good solution.

Where can readers find your books? 

All of my books are available as ebooks and usually my ebooks are available everywhere (Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc.). I did enter Tracking Shadows and Shadows to Light in the exclusive kindle program, but that exclusivity is up as of May 3rd so in the next few days you’ll see those titles return to B&N and the other outlets. My non-fiction titles are only available at Amazon.

The first four Shadows of Justice books are also available in paperback and The Matchmaker’s Mark and Shadows to Light will be out in paperback later this month.

Do you have any book trailers, etc.?

I love book trailers! I even did a couple trailers using some of the best quotes from reviewers. You can find them on YouTube or Goodreads. Here is a trailer for Justice Incarnate: And a review video for Tracking Shadows:

I try to change up the video clips at my Amazon author page too:

Do you have any upcoming events such as book signings, speaking engagements, etc.? 

My promotional efforts and the writing classes I teach are primarily online endeavors these days, though I enjoy in-person events. The Internet is such a valuable asset for me because there are so many ways to meet readers and writers, from Twitter to Facebook to the wonderful and ever-growing PRG!

The big upcoming events for me are the soon-to-release ebook of The Matchmaker’s Curse, and an original 2096 short story will be included in the upcoming Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance. I also have some great things in store for readers in the latter half of 2012, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much, PRG for featuring me this month!