A Coven of Her Own Book Cover A Coven of Her Own
Witches of Raven's Landing
Saskia Walker
Paranormal Romance
Self published
March 9, 2021
ebook or print
245 pages

          A Coven war, a novice witch, a lover locked in time.

          Sunny Chambers loves the thatched cottage she inherited from her Grandma on the rugged Cornish coast. The only thing that would make it even better is if the man of her dreams was real. Sunny’s about to discover she has the magical power to travel through time and meet the mystery man who walks through her dreams, save him from a fate worse than death, and a whole lot more besides.

          Two centuries earlier, Cullen Thaine is due to leave on a hell-bound vessel—his soul promised to the Lord of the Underworld—when Sunny finds herself in his arms, with the power to rescue him from a dark and powerful witch. She has to be dreaming, right? This is Sunny’s initiation into the Raven’s Landing coven, but our benevolent white witches have an enemy, and he has his own plans for the lovely Sunny Chambers.

          Cullen and Sunny have become the focus of the local coven war, and their destiny is now at stake. Sunny needs to learn all about her magical heritage, figure out how she traveled back in time, and cope with the coven war...while falling hopelessly in love with a lusty hunk from the 1800s.

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     Sunny looked beyond Viscount Fox, at the ship, and the waves crashing against the Bedruthen Rocks. Her vision blurred, a sense of awareness rising in her. She pushed back damp strands of hair lashing across her face.
     Black clouds crowded in, a terrifying peal of thunder rolling overhead. The sky seemed to crack open with a flash of lightning.
     Her hand went to her mouth. “What the hell?
     Within the lightning strike, the ship had changed, as if a curtain had been pulled back revealing its true nature. No longer a sturdy wooden vessel of the historic age, it was a dark black galleon with blood red sails. The seamen who stood by with a rope ladder hanging over the side morphed too. They had demonic faces, their eyes black, their skin charred.
     Sunny’s body vibrated, shock and fear rushing through her.
     Thunder cracked loudly overhead, and lightning struck all around.
     Cullen moved quickly to at her side, shielding her.
     “Don’t go with him,” she begged. “It’s a trick. It’s not what you see.”
     Viscount Fox shook his head at her, a smug smile on his face. The winds buffeted his body, but he was not deterred by the weather conditions, as if somehow in league with the dangerous seas crashing all around them. Icy cold water rose around her legs, and when she looked around she saw the tide was right into the edge of the cave.
     “Cullen must leave England now,” Fox bellowed at them, yanking the rope to hold the floating rowboat against craggy shoreline.
     “What trickery is this, Nathaniel?” Cullen asked, as if torn between an old friend and a new one. He turned his attention back to her. “What is it you see, lass?”
     Sunny looked at him imploringly. Who would he believe, his childhood friend, or a “wench” he’d met the night before?  “Don’t go there, Cullen. It’s not what you see. It’s a trick.”
     Fox crowded in on them, heaving the rowboat after him. It lifted and tossed in the waves and he was struggling to control it. “Why would you mistrust me? I am your oldest friend.”
     Cullen’s white cotton shirt clung to his body, drenched with rain. He flicked back his wet hair, clearing his vision, addressing Fox directly. “Why would she lie to me, tell me that, and what have you to gain by my passage?”
     The doubt was there and Sunny leapt on it. “Exactly, explain yourself.”
     Fox loomed over Sunny, smirking at her.
     Apparently he was enjoying sparring with her. Sunny pushed back her shoulders, smirking right back at him. If he wanted to fight, she’d show him what she was made of.
     “Merely helping out an old friend.” he replied.
     Sunny shook her head, clutching Cullen’s hand. “I don’t understand why he’s doing it, Cullen, but I know you shouldn’t board the ship.”
     “My, my,” Fox said, “you are a plucky little soul. This is turning out to be rather interesting.”
     Cullen turned to her. “Describe what you see!”
     “Step behind me,” she shouted over the roar of the sea. “Look at what I see.” She felt as if she was clutching at straws, but she acted on instinct, beckoning him closer.
     He moved behind her. “I see only the ship I expected.”
     Willing him to see it as it really was, she put her hand back over her shoulder, reaching for him.
     He rested his hand over hers, and immediately leapt back. “Lord almighty, Nathaniel, what treachery is this?”
     Fox growled like a beast. He thundered over, wrapped his hand around the back of Sunny’s head, jerking her toward him, forcing her to look into the depths of his bleak and terrifying eyes.
     She saw an offer there.
     He nodded. “What would you trade to save him?”

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About the Author:

Saskia Walker

About Saskia Walker

Saskia Walker lives in the north of England, on the beautiful, windswept landscape of
the Yorkshire moors, with her real life hero, Mark and a houseful of felines. She writes
multiple genres, letting her imagination lead her, but paranormal romance is her
enduring love. Saskia’s work has been published by many women’s fiction labels
including world leaders Penguin and Harlequin, and is widely translated. To her absolute
delight two of her novels won Passionate Plume awards and her work has twice been
nominated for a Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers Choice Award. Her Witches of
Scotland series was published in eight different languages and became a Scandinavian
countries multiple print bestseller. In 2015 she became a USA TODAY bestselling
author. It’s been an amazing journey! Saskia is now a full time author and she has many
more stories to tell.