Moonlight Becomes You Book Cover Moonlight Becomes You
The Eidola Project
Robert Herold
Supernatural Horror
Wild Rose Press
February 24, 2021
209 pages
The Eidola Project travels to Petersburg, Virginia, to stop a werewolf terrorizing the Black community.
Once there, danger comes from all quarters: They face threats from the supernatural, the KKK objects to
the team's activities, and the group is falling apart. Can they overcome their human frailties to defeat the
evil that surrounds them?
Winner of two 1st place wins from the Southeastern Writers Association, including Best Novel!

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Moonlight Becomes You by Robert Herold

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Doc Curtis fought for every reserve of strength and managed to quicken his pace. He could hear them shouting behind him and dared not look back, fearing it might slow him just that much more.

He made it through the field and emerged onto a rough access road running between the cultivated land on one side and the woods on the other. The doctor dashed across the dirt road and through the weeds and scrub bordering its opposite side. The trees stood twenty yards ahead. He would make it, find a thick trunk to hide behind, and fire a warning shot. If he could drive them off, it would be best. If not, he would do what needed to be done. Life had reduced itself to its most basic terms: kill or be killed.

Just five yards from the trees, a gigantic black beast bounded from the woods and landed before him. The doctor skittered to a stop, and his feet went out from beneath him. The creature stepped closer, looming. Its eyes glowed red, and the skin around its muzzle drew back, revealing a mouthful of sharp canine teeth.

The Klan had come at him in two directions, the doctor realized. He raised his pistol and fired into the snarling face above him.

To enter, answer this question in the comments below: I wanted to be a werewolf as a boy. What did you wish to be? (Firefighters and princesses are A-OK!)

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About the Author:

Robert Herold

About Robert Herold

The supernatural has always had the allure of forbidden fruit,
ever since my mother refused to allow me, as a boy, to watch
creature features on late night TV. She caved-in. (Well, not
As a child, fresh snow provided me the opportunity to walk
out onto neighbor’s lawns halfway and make paw prints with my
fingers as far as I could stretch. I would retrace the paw and boot
prints, then fetch the neighbor kids and point out that someone
turned into a werewolf on their front lawn! (They were skeptical.)
I have pursued many interests over the years, but the
supernatural always called to me. You could say that I was
haunted. Finally, following the siren’s call, I wrote
The Eidola
, based on a germ of an idea I had as a teenager.
Ultimately, I hope my books give you the creeps, and I mean
that in the best way possible!