Sundance Book Cover Sundance
The Council Of Twelve Series Book 2
A. J. Alexander
Young Adult/Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
August 10, 2019

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Sundance (The Council Of Twelve Series Book 2) By A. J. Alexander

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Book blurb:

Sundance is a promising young Warrior Angel, the first in centuries to join the Divine Army. With the help of one of the most powerful Archangels, her skill and talent develop, allowing her to master some of the most difficult tasks that face her kind.

Sundance, under the supervision of the ‘Council of Twelve’ seeks to prove that she deserves her unusual gifts in the eternal fight between good and evil. Follow her adventures as she discovers love, fights the good fight, and finds herself in the heat of battle trying to keep her wings from being singed.


I stood there in a hall with shiny white walls. No tapestry, pictures or paintings disrupted the pure white silvery color. My steps were clearly audible on the white marble flooring. Even my warrior boots, made of soft brown leather, weren’t completely silent.

I was nervous. I had been called here to the ‘Council of Angel-Warriors,’ not even two days after what happened down by the castle.

And here I was with no support, all by myself, waiting for the worst.

To calm myself down, I danced with the sunbeams earlier in the morning, but I wanted to be on time and even the dance, for the first time, did not take my fears away.

For about the twelfth time, I sat down on the stone bench in the hall when the door finally opened, and Bluerose emerged from the room. The beautiful Angel with the extraordinary blue and pink wings with gold outline turned to me, her eyes filled with tears that threatened to splash down her cheeks and said: “Go inside. They are expecting you.” With that, she turned away and was gone.

I slowly entered another great hall where I found an enormously long table built up and twelve huge and serious Angels sitting on stools. They looked at me with probing eyes and stony faces. I recognized Michael, sitting in the middle, on his right was Gabriel, Uriel on his left along with one more dark-haired Angel on Gabriel’s right. I could only guess this to be Raphael since I had never seen him in person.

I bowed deeply and respectfully, letting myself down on one knee. I held my off the ground as I was taught years ago at the School of Divine Army. Silently, I remained like this until I heard Uriel’s voice: “Get up, my child.” And so, I did.

My hands were hanging at my sides – I had stripped myself of all the weapons I usually carried. My hand that would normally lay upon my sword didn’t know what to do. I waited again.

Without warning, Uriel got up. He turned to the eleven others, accusingly asking: “Would someone start talking, please? It’s even scaring me to death seeing you sitting here and staring at her as if she had done something wrong.”

Michael shot him a sharp look and replied still softly: “Since you’re already standing, why don’t you take the first part introducing the Council to her, brother?”

Uriel nodded his agreement as he looked at me. “Sundance, please meet ‘The Council of Twelve’. From your right we are Anghariel, Zachariel, Centriel, Deonur, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Myself, Benadrel, Santanael, Tsechirel and Simael.”

To each of them, I bowed respectfully and they nodded back to me.

Uriel continued: “The Council of Twelve’ is a dozen of the most powerful Warrior Angels who have the right, and even the duty, to hold court over all other Angels within the Divine Army. These Angels were picked by Our Holy Father. Together with the four oldest Archangels, they are the most experienced, most faithful, most adept and wisest Angels. Our Mighty Creator decided chose them at the beginning of time after he tested them and they proved to be worthy in their dignity, their good hearts and their everlasting loyalty to God. They have served him over eons of time and have become Archangels building God’s ‘Management’. Brothers in battle and in peace, in heart and soul, the ‘Council Of Twelve’ stands by Our Father’s side to fight evil and keep the Earth and the Universe intact. The oldest Archangels in existence, the ones that were not born but created, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and I form the foundation of the ‘Council’. We wield the most power and strength imaginable and, through our connection to the Almighty, our Brothers form our family with us.”

“The ‘Council of Twelve’ not only has the power of the divine laws by their side but we are charged with passing judgement on Angels’ failures, well-doing and sins.”

“That is, and I trust you will keep it a secret, Sundance, why Bluerose was here earlier. She is, from here forward, on probation for three years since she has allowed jealousy into her heart. Andreas has been right to warn us about her. We, as well, had Raincatcher in before Bluerose since he cannot seem to keep the slightest secret to himself and playfully uses information entrusted to him to bring strife to a group. We don’t tolerate misuse of power, indiscretion or infraction of the rules, laws and regulations. This includes direct orders from one of the Council members. However scary that all sounds, we are not monsters. Even though we are powerful leaders, we also provide advice, comfort, help and support when sought. I would like you to know that it is very important for us that you aren’t scared. You know Michael and he would never let anyone bring any harm to you.”

I stood there and, during his entire speech, my eyes had never left his. During his break, I nodded. “Please, be ensured Mylords, I will keep every single word, spoken here a secret and shall never speak about it.”

About the Author:

I’m a fantasy author working on a paranormal romance series. The first book of ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, ‘Soul Taker’ was published December 15, 2018.

I have written short stories and poetry in the past. Some of my poems can be read on my blog ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest.

My rare free time I’m spending in extreme reading, excessive pool swimming and playing monster-monopoly. My strongest support system are my sister, most of my family, my friends and my three cats.

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