Tendril Hearts Book Cover Tendril Hearts
Immortals Book 11
LJ Vickery
Paranormal Mystery Romantic Suspense
Weir River Press
November 5, 2018

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Tendril Hearts By LJ Vickery

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Book blurb

Dumuzi has been content for centuries, so why can’t things remain status quo? When all his buddies started finding their Chosen, their eternal mates, he’d been happy for them while determined to maintain his normal, low profile. But then the edict came. They all had to find their other halves. Which was totally messed up. He can’t subject a woman to who he is, who he becomes. It would be a death sentence…for both of them.

Veronica Foxey hasn’t been haunted by the voices since she moved from Boston, but now an emergency call from her daughter has her rushing back to a city which holds only pain. Will the voices return after ten years? And if they do, will she be able to hang on to her sanity?


The silence in the meeting room was broken by Verrie’s attention-getting cough. “You know, I hear all of you in my head…” she began, standing up.

Dumuzi took the time to really look at her now that she was close and paying no attention to him. She looked young despite the fact she had to be in her late thirties. Her figure―in a form-fitting, white t-shirt and skinny jeans―showed off average sized breasts and a trim double-hand-full ass. Veronica’s vivid blue eyes were flecked with shards of gold, the exact colors of a Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly, and her lush, bow-shaped lips? Succulent. He could already imagine nipping and sucking them into the warm cavity of his mouth.

“…which is very disconcerting in itself,” she continued. Veronica gazed around the circle at the sitting and standing crowd. “But what I’m finding most disturbing, other than the fact my daughter, my friends, and I are reluctant ‘guests’ in your home,”―yeah, she’d put a lot of emphasis on the word guests,― “is the fact that you have someone in your ‘dungeon’.”

About the Author:

LJ Vickery began writing when the muses in her antique farmhouse refused to let her sleep. She found great joy and success in creating historical fiction, but then the gods in her Immortal series demanded to be heard. Heeding their pleas, she gave each of them a voice, a safe haven in the Blue Hills of Massachusetts, and of course, true love. Hot, hard bodied Mesopotamian gods and a contemporary United States make for a potent mix, and LJ hopes you enjoy reading the Immortal’s stories as much as she has writing them.

When LJ’s not scribbling away, she’s practicing Chinese medicine, keeping books for a contracting firm, and growing organic vegetables.

She lives in a charming, seacoast town south of Boston with her husband, two children, a dog, two cats, and one intrepid fish…who refuses to let the fish-tank be retired.

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