The Twelve Systems Chronicles, Volume 1 - 3 Book Cover The Twelve Systems Chronicles, Volume 1 - 3
The Twelve Systems Chronicles
EG Manetti
Science Fiction Romance
Buniac Entertainment, LLC
October 15, 2019
1070 pages

A woman in peril. A ruthless warrior. A dangerous contract.
Life within the Serengeti Cartel is perilous, riddled with malice and intrigue that can threaten the mightiest of warriors. For Lilian – brilliant, despised and one misstep away from execution for her father’s crimes – all that stands between her and destruction is the powerful warrior Lucius Mercio. In return for his protection, Lilian became Lucius' apprentice, yielding control of her body, will, and intellect.

As clever and ambitious as he is ruthless, Lucius' wealth, influence, and power place him among the elite of the warrior caste. It is not enough. Lucius intends to take his cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian's brilliance. He faces only one obstacle. Lucius must keep Lilian alive.

Enter the Twelve Systems with the awarding winning three volume set, The Twelve Systems Trio.

The Cartel
Raised to wealth and privilege, Lilian’s was left destitute and endangered when her father was convicted of terrible crimes. By law and custom, she should have followed him into death to redeem her corrupt genetics. Desperate to avoid execution for crimes not her own, Lilian accepts an indenture contract with a powerful warrior. For three years he will have total control of her body, will, and intellect.

Bright Star
When Lucius’ motivations and ambitions are revealed, they are far more extraordinary than Lilian imagined. His rivals are about to increase in number and ferocity as they seek to limit his expanding wealth and power. They will use any means to undermine and destroy his plans including his notorious apprentice. To advance his ambitions, Lucius must be more ruthless and devious than ever before. To succeed, Lucius requires Lilian’s brilliance. To make use of it, he must keep her alive. It is going to prove more difficult than he anticipated.

Determined to raise Serengeti to the pinnacle of power in the Twelve Systems, Lucius has ruthlessly exploited Lilian’s brilliance to achieve his ambitions. Within seasons, he will lead Serengeti to new heights with the launch of Bright Star, the first stellar exploration venture in over two centuries. With each new success, Lucius’ rivals multiply while a traitor stalks the halls of Serengeti, determined to thwart Lucius by any means. As the viciousness of her enemies escalates, Lilian is forced to confront the past and choose between betraying her oath of loyalty to Lucius and protecting the deadly secrets of her father's dark acts.

Where duty and passion collide ~ The Twelve Systems Chronicles.

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“Lucius, you need not scowl,” Chin remarks as he goes about his labor. “Except for the blooded nose, Lilian’s head is untouched. There is bruising but no internal injuries. Lilian has taken no permanent harm.”

Shade intervention? Lucius wonders. Certainly, the assault was intended to cause permanent damage.

“Shadeless scum broke my ribs,” Lilian voices. Dragged into awareness, her gray eyes are open, albeit unfocused.

“They did indeed, two to be specific,” Chin acknowledges. “Cracked through, but not separated. You require sealant only.”

Chin applies a thick yellow ointment to the reddened, swollen areas that will blossom into bruises if left untended. “Do not twitch. I will be done soon.”

“Yes Master Medic,” Lilian replies obediently. She is aware that various parts of her anatomy are not well. The medic’s potions are shielding her from the discomfort and dissolving her discipline.

A large familiar hand strokes her temple. Turning into the caress Lilian encounters milord’s gaze. Milord is here. Where is her thorn? Katleen must take it.

“I have it safe, Lilian,” milord reassures her holding her blade in view.

“My thanks, milord.” Before she can voice more, something cold slithers across her abdomen. Turning her attention to Chin, Lilian complains, “Master Medic that is cold.”

The complaint is immediately followed by a revelation, “I lack garb. This is unseemly. Fourth stricture, only milord—”

“Peace Lilian,” Milord interrupts. “I am here and you are injured.”

“Injured milord?” Oh yes, that crevasse-crawler Martin and his toad Roger. Pity I could not slay them.

“Pity indeed, Mistress Lilian,” Chin is laughing lightly as something cold runs up her left thigh before turning pleasantly warm.

“What is a pity, Master Medic?” Lilian wonders, unaware she is speaking her thoughts.

“Chin, do not encourage her,” Lucius admonishes. In different circumstances, he would exploit the ability of Chin’s potions to loosen Lilian’s tongue and reveal thoughts she would keep hidden. At the moment, he needs Lilian’s recall. The accounts of the event are contradictory. It will be several bells before Thorvald and Associate Master Straus are able to sift the monitor records for an accurate rendition. Returning to his apprentice, he asks, “Lilian what do you recall of the training chambers?”

“The first victory in battle is survival,” Lilian smugly quotes Sinead’s Canon.

“You could have avoided battle entirely by yielding,” Lucius points out. Truly, he thought her more pragmatic. She is condemned as a coward. It could get no worse.

“Twenty-ninth stricture, milord,” Lilian explains and then adds with the total honesty required by her bond, “nor could I yield the thorn.”

“The thorn?” What of her thorn? Lilian’s commitment to defending the honor and wealth of the Blooded Dagger Cartouche, as defined in the twenty-ninth stricture, is well-established. Although, her refusal to yield to Martin is extreme. This is the first Lucius has heard aught about Lilian’s blade.

“Yes milord, lick his boots and yield the thorn,” Lilian confirms. “Vile notion. Vile man.”

Lick his boots? This was hardly a routine taunting gone awry. Martin did not merely demand Lilian yield. He demanded a debasement intended to shame Blooded Dagger and by extension, Lucius. Within warrior custom, Lucius’ honor is synonymous with that of Blooded Dagger.

The additional demand for the blade would have sealed Lilian’s resolve. When he first examined the weapon, Lucius concluded that the elegant antique was most likely a family blade. Possibly the only relic Lilian retains of the time before her disgrace. Its value to her would be far greater than the price of a replacement or the shame of yielding a weapon to a foe.


About the Author:

EG has always enjoyed a vivid imagination and the occasional scribbling. In 2010 she was struck by the inspiration for The Apprentice Volume 1. The draft of a single novel soon became three, and then more. The Cartel: The Apprentice Volume 1 was published in December 2012, followed by Bright Star in 2014 and Transgressions in January 2016. The fourth volume, Fortuna, is scheduled for 2017.

EG works as an IT consultant and writes as often as possible. When neither goes well, she cooks exceptionally and gardens adequately. EG resides on the East Coast of the USA with her beloved (and often confounded) husband and their severely OCD Jack Russell Terrier.


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