Night Angel Book Cover Night Angel
Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 2
Rosalie Redd
Paranormal Romance Services LLC
March 11, 2020

An angel he is not…

Seth Denton, Gargoyle Night Guardian, was a freewheeling cowboy in his former life who experienced heartache first hand and has no desire for a repeat performance. When Hannah thinks he’s some kind of angel and weaves her way into his heart with her soft touch and gentle kiss, he must battle his all-consuming need for her along with the internal demons of his bitter past to save her from the dark fae intent on stealing her soul.

Hannah McAllister longs to find a meant-to-be, eternal love and fantasizes about Seth a hot, sexy Gargoyle Night Guardian. When a dark fae threatens to not only destroy her life but strip away every last ounce of goodness in her soul, Seth vows to protect her. As the battle escalates and she falls deeper into his world and into his arms, will she miss out on her one chance at everlasting love?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in this series. If you have not started it, then I recommend beginning with book one, Heart Bandit. Although the books can be read separately, you would be missing out on another wonderful story. This book is about Hannah and Seth the couple we met in book one when Hannah reunited with her sister Sadie, the Heart Bandit.

Seth is a gargoyle saved by the goddess Rhiannon. She recruits Seth into her Gargoyle Night Guardians to protect humans from the dark fae until they prove themselves and once again become human. Sadie’s love, Beaumont, was the first to prove himself and pass the test. Now it is Seth’s turn to try. Hannah has had feelings for Seth ever since he saved her from Marco, the dark fae who spilled a drop of his saliva into her mouth. Although she dreams of having a love like her sister, she realizes it is impossible. Seth is a gargoyle and she is human. Even if they got together, she would have to face the fear of him watching her age.

Marco wants Hannah, she is pure and virginal. Her soul would be a gift he could give to his lord Gwawl in the hopes of receiving a promotion as a reward. Marco’s saliva had a major effect on Hannah. He can slowly siphon her essence. Seth will do anything he has to protect the girl he has grown to love, one he knows he can never sully with his touch. Seth’s soul was questionable. Although, he fights a nightly war against the fae, his past caused devastation to many. I won’t go into what made him a soldier in Rhiannon’s army.

If you read the first book in the series, then you will be thrilled to follow up on Sadie and Beaumont. You will already know that you are in for an amazing read. This book has suspense, betrayal, and the possibility of redemption. I hope that there are many more gargoyles sitting on top of Stuart Hall at the University of Chicago because I am not ready for this series to end.