Of Fear and Faith Book Cover Of Fear and Faith
Death and Destiny Trilogy 1
N.D. Jones
Paranormal Romance (Fairytales/Myths)
Siren Publishing
August 18, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a book full of mythology, gods and goddesses and I was certain I would not like it, I was right, because I didn’t like it, I loved it. It is about a prophecy involving a Fire witch and a Cat of Legend who will save humanity and it is filled with suspense, violence, sex, romance and faith.

Sanura Williams is a Doctor of Psychology who is called on by her godfather, Michael McKutchen a detective and Assefa Berber a Special Agent for the FBI to help speak to a young girl whose parents were butchered and who was lucky enough to survive. Assefa is no ordinary agent he works for the preternatural division of the FBI whose job it is to protect all life forms. From the moment Sanura and Assefa saw each other there was an instant connection. Sanura is a fire witch and Assefa is a cat shifter.Are these two the ones destined to save humanity?

Sanura and Assefa realize that they are mean’t to be together but each of them has secrets which they are unable to reveal. Sanura had a human boyfriend who she loved and who she revealed that she was a witch. His reaction was to leave her, leaving her afraid to open up to anyone else. Assefa is from Sudan and he has a secret as to what his cat is like and about his family. While they both try to stop the preternatural killer they grow closer but there is still a wall up between them. The killer is a preternatural who doesn’t hesitate to kill women or children and he must be stopped especially after he attacks and nearly kills Genji Zhou-Garvey the adopted daughter of a dear friend.

Sanura finally agrees to a handfasting ritual with Assefa, a ritual that will determine if they are right for each other. This ritual involved sharing their energy but Assefa wants more, he wants marriage something Sanura is not ready to commit too. Working together they have more power and are able to be stronger than they were alone.

The characters are wonderful especially Mike Sanura’s godfather who is a dwarf and has a potty mouth. He is always good for a laugh. There are all forms of preternatural creatures many of which I never heard of before. There is magic, sex, explicit violence, suspense and secrets. This book had everything you could possible want in a paranormal romance and I am very happy I did not listen to myself when I thought I didn’t want to read it. My only problem is that I don’t know when book two is coming out and I am hoping it is not too long.