One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail Book Cover One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail
The Water Kingdom Book 1
Kevin James Breaux
April 14, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

1st Place – 2016 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Awards –  Paranormal Novels & Novellas

Mr Breaux responded to my mentioning on FB that  I loved his cover. It was for this book, that he was promoting.  I am a review chair for a paranormal book guild and I love book covers!!  I do see many. The author asked if I would review his book for a copy and and give a fair review and since I love to read a new author to me ; I accepted. From the cover and this book title,  I was a bit surprised by the story. I thought by the picture and title it might be a cute, sexy, quick read.  I was truly surprised by the storyline and the quality of what I began.

When an author is starting a new series, ( that I hope this one is to be), he is tasked with world building, new characters for the reader to bond with, and a story to hold the readers interest. Our author has given us a ‘foursome’ spanning the gamut, A Human, A Vampire, A Zombie and A Fairy. Yes wow! The story in essence is the ‘fearsome foursome’ having to fight one enemy to save mankind, while dealing with their own internal story.

We begin with a stunning young woman Sabrina, who is a Fairy, who has been lying low, keeping out of the spotlight after her wanton ways have hurt her publicly and even hurt her family ties.  She is finally ready to step out of the darkness with Mira, her bodyguard; who is a water sprite. Sabrina’s best friend is Mosselle. She is Egyptian royalty, who’s a few thousand years old. She’s a modern day mummy, but nobody knows that except the other paranormals.

Mosselle is very interesting as we learn how she stays so young and beautiful  in today’s world. She takes as a lover a human, who is Jackson , who is adorably smitten with this beauty and takes Moss as who she is so calmly, since he is so in love with her.

Last but not least is our vampire Cade, who was turned during the Civil War. He is completely in love with Sabrina and the feeling is mutual. I love that Sabrina had to go ‘dig him up’ to get his help. I loved Cade’s back story the most, even though I do love anything Egypt. Mosselle was not my first choice.

The story came together so intensely, the danger was always in the forefront, and you  never knew what ‘other worldly’ characters you might meet along the way. Great job Mr. Breaux. I look forward to read more of your work.