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Cursed by Blood Saga (Book 5)
Marianne Morea
Paranormal Romance
Coventry Press Ltd.
September 25, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Although this is the first book I have read in this series at no time did I feel lost. Ms. Morea did an amazing job of reviewing what happened in the past and although Rissa and Mitch have appeared in other books I know their story.

Rissa and Mitch are leaving the Compound and returning to the Abenaki pack in Yellowknife with their two children, five year old Stephie and four and a half month old Braden. Although these children are from Rissa’s marriage to her abusive husband Jerard in Mitch’s eyes they are his. Stephie is so excited about her mom marrying Mitch that she asks to call him daddy. Mitch and Rissa will be married and Mitch will assume the role of alpha since the death of his father.

Rissa is worried about the move especially after she met Mitch’s mom Cecily a woman who was not happy with the woman her son chose as his wife and as the alpha female. Rissa had no idea that her worries were well founded and she and her family would be facing real trouble. The alpha mansion they were supposed to live in has burned down and they are moving in with Donnie and Penny, his father’s best friends. As soon as they arrive Donnie informs him that there has been a blood challenge and it was made by his sister Lucy’s fiance.

Lucy’s fiance is Dillon Weeks and a man she does not love but that makes no difference to her mother. Cecily and Dillon’s father Burt have plans to take over and the first step is for Mitch to die at the challenge. Unfortunately their plans fail because Dillon is not a very brave man and his heart is not in the challenge. Cecily and Burt are lovers and both of them are keeping secrets. Mitch has been gone for ten years and many of the pack are not thrilled about his return and especially the fact that he is marrying a human.

There is sex, surprises, secrets and betrayals, and hunky Weres. Although this was a fairly short book I couldn’t put it down and enjoyed every minute of it. I am sorry that I missed out on all the previous books and recommend that they be read first.