Where Are They Now?

PRG Presents Amy Lane

I was actually a founding member of the PRG.

Gloria Lakritz saw a bunch of independent authors struggling on the Amazon boards and thought, “Hey–maybe with a little bit of unification, they’d have a bigger voice!” and the result was the PRG.

Now I started out writing paranormal romance–but there was always an element of m/m gay romance in my stories. So after the PRG was founded, and I got picked up by Dreamspinner Press, I figured “Welp, that’s it–the PRG isn’t going to be interested in me anymore.”

And that’s where I got to see another wonderful facet of all the awesome that is Gloria. She picked up my gay contemporary romance and read it and loved it–and has been reading it ever since. And, even better, she followed me to other authors in the genre–Andrew Grey is regularly featured on the PRG now, and Jordan Hawk, and others, and I feel like that’s a testament to Gloria and her beautiful heart and her wonderful strength of will.

So, ten years ago I was an independent author on the Amazon boards. Now I’m about to launch some independent projects again (as well as my work with Dreamspinner), but instead of feeling alone and voiceless, thanks to the Paranormal Romance Guild, I know there are resources for me and generous loyal readers who are willing to take a chance on an Amy Lane book and hopefully become a reader for life.

Amy Lane’s newest release, Familiar Angel, was just published on October 20, 2017.

See all of Ms. Lane’s books on her Amazon Author Page.