Where Are They Now?

PRG Presents Andrew Marino

After meeting some spectacular people and have a LOT of fun and laughs on some Amazon threads, a bunch of us decided to found the PRG – and I’m honored to say I was there at the beginning! We had our first event in Chicago, and it was incredible. The energy, passion and camaraderie was extraordinary. I was also one of the few males in a room full of women, and I’m one of those strange guys who likes that (yeah, a guy who likes women? A real rarity).

The PRG gave me some of my greatest professional boosts by not only providing services to refine my writing, but reviewing it once it was published. I even won several awards with the PRG, for which I am extremely thrilled! Again, the encouragement and enthusiasm for each other was unique and thrilling.

We set up the Anne Rice Ball – I attended the first one. And there, I experienced my first “star” moment, when people I never met before had not only read my work but wanted to meet me. I overheard them talking about meeting me — which was sooooo cool. I totally ruined it by geeking out over them geeking out over me. The dynamic got weird — but it was an amazing experience and definitely a highlight in my writing life!

I took a hiatus from writing to pursue my business, but my characters never left my mind. In fact, I’ll have a new book out in January, about which I’m thrilled and excited — and I’m looking to work with the PRG again with that book in mind — and re-establishing myself as a lucky member of a unique and enthusiastic group of like-minded individuals.

See all of Andrew Marino’s books on his Amazon Author Page.