Where Are They Now?

PRG Presents Gloria Lakritz

Finally. It’s me, the one who was star struck on an Amazon thread and said….you all are so helpful working together, helping each other…WHY DON’T YOU START  A GROUP????? Annnd Paranormal Romance Guild was born.

We have so many authors and readers who have given their time and energy to see us grow through these many years. Lisa Phillips, Cal Miller, Bonnie Lea Elliot aka Lenore Elliott, CJ Ellisson, Stuart Land,  Alex Lukeman,  Penny Nichols, Lea Ellen Borg to name a few.

It’s been exciting for me to be the Review Chair…To meet and speak to so many wonderful people all over the world! Who wudda thunk it?

Our group has been ever changing. We began  The Paranormal Romance Guild at a time when Vampires Ruled Books and Movies. Our Indie authors slowly became published, our authors started branching out to other genres and we followed along with them along with their readers.

We have archived Book Reviews for all of our years of reviewing, and have retained them;  even after the horrible experience of changing websites this year!!!!

We still are ever ready to come to the aid of an author in need and are responsive to the new needs of our authors!