Dear Paranormal Romance Guild Members—

We are writing to share good news and sad news and gooder (yes, I know that’s not grammatically correct) news with you!

In case you missed it, we are having a SALE on membership! Don’t wait too long–this opportunity ends on May 31, 2019! This is a great time to renew at a reduced price. Tell a friend, tell an author, heck, tell your mother! It’s such a DEAL!

After two (2) plus years of tireless efforts for the Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG), our outstanding and generous webmaster, A.J. Rose is stepping down to get back to her long neglected writing. By way of this email, I want to thank her for keeping the PRG website through some rocky times when we switched web hosting companies. I also want to thank her for keeping us steady once we passed those treacherous shoals. AJ has tutored me on the fine points of webmastering (is that a verb?) giving me insights behind the scenes of our image heavy and interactive website. KUDOS and FOND FAREWELL to AJ! Please show her some love and gratitude on her FB Page

Jenn Moffatt aka Lee Jay Stura has agreed to our onerous terms and conditions of employment for Webmaster/Mistress (dungeon cleaning, html code monster slaying, hostage negotiator of blog pages and all other duties as assigned). She comes with high praise and great credentials. Please check out her FB page to see why she’s a perfect fit and give her a warm PRG welcome

Remindering…(look it up! It’s a verb, I swear!!)
We still offer “Tell Me More Tuesday” in the PRG Facebook Page This is an opportunity for authors to have a scheduled time for one hour on a Tuesday in our PRG FB group that is ONLY yours—and to promote your work. It’s like a one-hour FB party—but it’s all about you. You will have the opportunity to be highly visible and connect with over 3500 members of the FB group. There will be no more than five (5) authors scheduled on “Tell Me More Tuesday” and no other promo will be permitted. Authors will have the opportunity to engage with readers, a key feature of building and keeping a fanbase.

Where does it happen? PRG Facebook Page and on the Paranormal Romance Guild Blog where your post will reside for extended exposure after the FB event.

How do authors participate? Authors will send a book cover, blurb, buy links, bio and a giveaway which we would post on FB at a scheduled time on Tuesday morning and would also be posted on the PRG Blog (minus the giveaway). Prizes will come from the authors and will be based on the author selecting a random commenter. PRG FB Members will have 24 hours to comment on the post, at the end of which the contest will close and the author will be responsible for taking care of the giveaway. Authors would be required to get their materials to us (Gloria Lakritz and Sharon Buchbinder) at least a WEEK before it is scheduled to go live in FB.

How much is it? The cost of this promotional opportunity to a dedicated audience of readers is $10 per scheduled post. After we receive your request for a date and time on a Tuesday, you will pay the fee via PayPal. Once we get confirmation of payment we will work on scheduling the posts on a first come, first served basis.

Questions? Email me at

Warm May regards,

Sharon Buchbinder, President
Paranormal Romance Guild